Sunday, 24 October, 2021

Bad billionaire in cops’ net

Ex-computer operator of Teknaf port who owns Tk 4.6bn wealth arrested

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  • 15 September, 2021 12:00 AM
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Bad billionaire in cops’ net

Law enforcers have arrested a former contractual computer operator of Teknaf Port, who has amassed wealth worth about Tk 4.6 billion through illegal means, from the capital.

Members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and an intelligence agency picked Nurul Islam, 41, up from his residence at Mohammadpur early Tuesday.

They also recovered 4,400 Yaba tablets, 3.8 lakh kyat, Tk 3.46 lakh in fake currency and Tk 2.1 lakh in cash from the residence, said Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director (Legal and Media Wing) of the RAB Headquarters, at a press briefing in the city.

“Nurul has six houses worth Tk 730 million, four pieces of land, in which rickshaw garages have been set up, worth Tk 310 million in the capital. He has seven houses and plots worth Tk 1,180 million in Savar of Dhaka,” he said.

“He has four rest houses and pieces of land worth Tk 200 million at Teknaf town and a piece of land worth Tk 120 million at Saint Martin’s Island in Cox’s Bazar. He has two pieces of land worth Tk 120 million in Bhola,” RAB official said. “Nurul’s wife has a private car worth Tk 2.8 million. He invested Tk 15 million in three business entities in his and his wife’s names. He has Tk 11.9 million in his and his wife’s bank accounts,” he said.

“We’ve found wealth amounting to Tk 4.6 billion owned by Nurul, son of Abdul Motaleb of East Kanainagar of Dhunia in Bhola Sadar,” Al Moin said.

About how Nurul amassed huge wealth, he said: “Nurul owned the wealth through brokerage, smuggling, tax evasion and unloading illegal products at the Teknaf Port, and through fake currency trade, illegal drug trade and so on over the last 20 years.”

About the rise of Nurul, the elite force director said he took up a job as a computer operator on a contract basis at Teknaf Land Port in 2001 with daily wage of only Tk 130.

“At that time, he learnt tactics on smuggling, tax evasion, unloading illegal products, brokerage and others. He was involved in different broker syndicates and began earning money. In 2009, he left the job of computer operator and gave it to his stepbrother Rony and formed a syndicate comprised of about 15 members.”

“Members of the syndicate remained active at the point where the products were unloaded and where the vehicles were in serials to load products,” the RAB official said.

“They took a handsome amount of money from businessmen to load and unload their products at the ports,” he said. The officer continued that the dishonest traders brought illegal products in guise of timber, fry fish, plum pickle, fish and other things from neighbouring countries.

The members of the syndicate, led by Nurul, managed to unload illegal products of dishonest businessmen in exchange for a handsome amount of money, he went on saying.

The arrested man used to keep up a good relation with listed drug trader of Teknaf and dealt in illegal Yaba.

By these ways and through Hundi, he earned huge money and bought the houses and land, Moin depicted.

About bank accounts, the officer said the accused has 19 bank accounts in his and others’ names. On November 24 last year, he withdrew Tk 68.7 million from 11 bank accounts

On the business entities, Al Moin said he founded some business entities to hush up his illegal earnings. The entities include M/S Al Nahian Enterprise, M/S Miftahaul Enterprise, M/S Alka Enterprise, Alka Real Estate and MS Kaniz Enterprise.