Sunday, 17 October, 2021

Abul Hayat, Dilara Zaman in ‘Tepantorer Math Periye’

The telefilm directed by Simanto Sajal to be aired on Channel i today

Abul Hayat, Dilara Zaman in ‘Tepantorer Math Periye’

Abul Hayat and Dilara Zaman are two popular artistes of the country. The duo has presented many popular dramas and serials in their long acting career. Now, they will be seen in a special telefilm named ‘Tepantorer Math Periye’.  Talented director Simanto Sajal has made the film for Channel i.

Simanto Sajal also has written the story and screenplay of the telefilm. Produced by Impress Telefilm, ‘Tepantorer Math Periye’ will be aired at 03:00pm today. 

 The story of the romantic genre telefilm revolves around a couple named Shafiq and Ayesha. Actors Shipan Mitra and Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya have played the roles of young Shafiq and Ayesha while Abul Hayat and Dilara Zaman will be seen as old Shafiq-Ayesha couple.

About the telefilm, Toya said, “It is my first work with Simanto Sajal. The story of the telefilm is amazing. Sajal has made the project with utmost care. I’ve played the role of young Ayesha in the telefilm. I’m very satisfied with my new work. I’ hope the audience will enjoy the telefilm very much.”

Shipan Mitra said, “Like Toya it is also my first work with Simanto Sajal dada. Story concept, screenplay, direction, locations all were very nice. I’ve tried my level best to portray my characters according to the script. I’m very hopeful about the project.”   

Director Simanto Sajal said, “I’ve made the telefilm with utmost care. I believe the story of the film will stir in the mind of the audience. I’m grateful to Channel i. I also express my gratitude to the central artistes of my telefilm--Abul Hayat, Dilara Zaman, Toya, Shipan and others who are related to the project.