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Risky bldgs in Khulna yet to be demolished

Risky bldgs in Khulna yet to be demolished

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  • 14 September, 2021 12:00 AM
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KHULNA: Khulna City Corporation (KCC) and Khulna Development Authorities (KDA) have not taken any necessary steps to demolish the most risky 48 buildings in the city from 2004 to till now.

Experts have already termed the infrastructures as death traps for the innocent civilians.

Lives of about 1,000 people residing in 48 most risky buildings are always at stake in apprehension of earthquake and severe cyclonic storms. All of them have been living in utter anxiety as plasters in most parts of the buildings have come off and develop cracks on the roof and walls.

In 2004, KCC and KDA jointly conducted a survey and identified 208 dilapidated buildings, 48 of them as most risky marking them unfit for habitation. On April 25, 2013 KDA identified more 12 buildings in the city are risky.

The identified most risky buildings are located in Bhairab Stand Road, West Mekot Road, Haji Mohsin Road, South Central Road, Gagan Babu Road, Rupsha Stand Road, Shamsur Rahman Road, Khanjahan Ali Road, Sher-e-Bangla Road, KDA Avenue, Upper Jashore Road, Deben Babu Road, Cemetry Road, Clay Road, Kalibari Road, Roypara, Dolkhola,  Khaishpur, Mujgunni and Daulatpur, said the KCC officials.

Haphazard construction of buildings, short height or high-rise, violating the building codes set by the Khulna Development Authority (KDA), and for not adopting any pragmatic measures at time-worn shabby buildings pose a serious threat to the life of the common people.

Police and local people said on October 30, 2008 two persons were killed and seven injured when a portion of the third-floor of a risky building on Borobazar under Khulna Sadar thana collapsed on two makeshift shops.

Deputy Commissioner of Khulna Md Moniruzzaman Talukdar said the buildings owned by the district administration were maintained by the Public Works Department (PWD) and PWD were responsible for its maintained.

Ramprosad Kundu, a resident of risky marking building of Kalibari Road said that I know the building has been declared risky by the KCC few years back but I need a cheap residence which is adjacent to the market. Poor people like me have no other way but to reside in such vulnerable buildings.

KCC Assistant Estate Officer Sheikh Masud Ali said they had issued notices several times to the owners or occupiers of the most vulnerable buildings to demolish their buildings within a deadline on receipt the notices.

But the lease holders were not willing to demolish the buildings as they earn money with the structures and feared that they would lose their grip on the buildings and lodges. The lease holders even lodged cases with the court to stay the demolition of the buildings. He further said, “We have requested the deputy commissioner to take steps in this regard.”

Mayor of KCC Talukdar Abdul Khaleque said about 1,000 people are living in 48 vulnerable buildings in the city. He requested the dwellers of the buildings to shift to any where immediately. Mayor Khaleque asserted that if the owners of these buildings fail to demolish their risky buildings at their own initiatives, the KCC will demolish the buildings very soon and the charge of demolishing the buildings will be taken from the owners.