Friday, 24 September, 2021

Amazing success in power generation

In today’s world of science and technology, development of any form is unthinkable and unachievable without electricity. Most of the devices used today are electrically operated. This invisible power is the single most important driving force that keeps wheels of production in industries rotating and makes agriculture going. All such things as comfort in our daily life, education, scientific research, and fight against diseases, development of physical infrastructure, digital connectivity within and outside the country and travel to the outer space are inconceivable and would not have been possible had not scientists freed this giant force from captivity within matters.

Because ot its universal applicability that electricity stands out from other developmental factors such as widespread physical and digital communication network. Needless to mention, internet connection would not have been possible for a single moment without electricity.

It is due to the prime importance of electricity for taking the country from higher to higher levels of progress and prosperity that the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina put the highest possible emphasis on generation of electricity and in this respect made the country almost self-sufficient just within a decade. With the completion of the ongoing power generation plants including the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Bangladesh will be a power-surplus country. Today electricity has reached the doorstep of more than 99 per cent of the population. The rest of the people are going to get the service within the Mujib Borsho. Availability of electricity round the clock will ensure optimum use of digital technology and lead to quick socio-economic development of the country with employment opportunities and scope for self-employment.

While electricity is the most essential input for development, its accessibility itself will not lead to progress; we are required to make the best utilisation of this valuable ingredient for the purpose. We must also be most economical in our use of electricity as the prime minister reminded us of our obligation. It should not be forgotten that the government has to provide huge subsidy to generation of electricity. Wastage, misuse and pilferage of this most valuable input is completely impermissible.