Sunday, 26 September, 2021

Let not corona interrupt education

Both health and education are fundamentally essential for life; while good health is the foundation for a long and happy life, education makes life decent and meaningful. But moments may come when we shall have to prefer life to what makes life beautiful as we had to do during the last one and a half years of corona pandemic. The corona infection and death rates were so high that we had to opt for health over economy and education. However, time may also be there when one has to strike a balance between them as the nation is doing now – opening educational institutes but strictly maintaining health guidelines.

As the situation of corona pandemic is steadily improving, authorities took the decision of reopening schools and colleges across the country. Accordingly, educational institutes have been opened yesterday after the closure for long 17 months. Universities are yet to open. During this prolonged period the loss that the nation incurred in terms of education and human development indices is simply unfathomable. Valuable time has been lost from the life of millions of young learners. For many, the loss will remain ever unrecoverable.

Though schools and colleges are open now, the teaching and learning process will take time to resume in full swing, depending on the corona situation. However, authorities have not completely ruled out the possibility of shutting down schools and colleges if corona infection, god forbid, surges for violation of health protocols in educational institutes or outside.

This brings us to the question of strictly following health instructions issued by authorities. While schools and colleges will have to maintain healthy practices, students will have to remain alert so that they do not get infected with the fatal disease due to carefree movement. Guardians have a big role here to play. But precautions of teachers, students and guardians are not enough to keep the disease at bay; members of society at large will have to lead life in a prudent manner. We must not forget that educational pursuit of our children may once again come to a halt because of our irresponsible lifestyle. We must not take a chance when the stake is nothing less than the very future of the posterity.