Saturday, 16 October, 2021

‘Platform’: A drama of a struggling woman entrepreneur

‘Platform’: A drama of a struggling woman entrepreneur
A scene from Platform

Based on a story of a struggling woman entrepreneur, a single-episode drama titled ‘Platform’ has been made for BTV. The play has been written by Anjir Liton and produced by Monirul Hasan.

Niloy Alamgir, Farzana Chobi, Upoma, Sayem Samad, Nawshin Disha, Moumita, Liton Khandakar, Shaymol Zakaria, Monu Masud will be seen acting in the drama.

The drama depicts a story of a young lady named Anika, who wants to be a successful entrepreneur. In her family, she has parents and a sister. During the corona pandemic, her father loses his job. For that Anika has to take the responsibility for her family. She starts selling clothes through social media platforms and trying hard to build up her own business.

In the meantime, Anika meets a boy and they become friends. But they get mental conflict for her online business. But Anika doesn’t give up and she works harder to get a strong platform for herself and get her identity.   

‘Platform’ will be aired on BTV today at 9:00 pm.