Monday, 25 October, 2021

Matarbari Plant

Another step towards power autarky

Holding people locked at home the coronavirus pandemic has been disrupting economic and business activities across the globe. Developed economies are also struggling to work out ways to get rid of the adverse economic impacts of extended closure imposed, giving the lives of people topmost priority. However, the government of Bangladesh, under the prudent leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has so far handled the deadly epidemic smartly, which has been evident in the continuation of economic vibrancy. The government lets economic activities go by ensuring health guidelines with the intention to keep the financial loss under control in the long run. The progress in the implementation of the Matarbari 1200MW Power Plant project is just an example in this regard.

Despite the pandemic, the development work of the coal-fired power plant is progressing fast, said a report published in this newspaper yesterday. When the second wave of coronavirus delayed some other projects to some extent, more than 7,000 workers in the Matarbari project did not stop for a single day and have been working restlessly to complete it by Jan 2024. Along with making sure a risk-free work environment for the workers maintaining hygiene rules, the authorities concerned have also ensured PCR test facilities in the project area. With the start of the physical work in 2017, the mega project has already made progress by more than 50 per cent.

Besides the main objective to reduce the electricity demand-supply gap and supply quality and reliable power at an affordable price, the mega project, on completion, is expected to bring a radical change in socio-economic condition in not only the area but also the entire country. This is why the government selects this as one of the top-priority projects. However, the current contribution of the project to the socio-economic development of the area is too large to ignore.

We hope that the project implementation authorities will stay the course and complete the project in due time as the extension of project time, on the one hand, may increase the project expenditure and, on the other hand, will hinder the development of the area, as well as of the country. So, the sooner important projects like the Matarbari Power Plant will be completed, the better.