Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Dumping of waste pollutes Gorai river

Dumping of waste pollutes Gorai river

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MAGURA: The dumping of huge waste into Gorai River from adjacent Langalbandh Bazar in Sreepur upazila of Magura has continued for a long time. This has been polluting the river and the environment and spreading diseases, according to experts.

Langalbandh Bazar is located on the banks of the river Gorai at the end point of the two districts Magura and Jhenaidah.  The river has been a dumping place for all the waste from the meat shop , the poultry shop and the fish and kitchen market, reports UNB.

Cattle are slaughtered in the open place and wastes from the cattle are dumped on the bank of the river. As a result, there is a strong stench in the whole area. As there is no dumping station, cleaners and market traders are dumping garbage everywhere. Throwing garbage in different areas of the market has turned it into a garbage dump.

Moreover, the traders of the market are collecting the waste of the houses in the villages located near the market and dumping that in the rivers. And so, the environment-nature and biodiversity have been threatened and the entire area has suffered. Pedestrians coming from different areas have to endure the stench.

As there is no designated place for dumping garbage here, Gorai river has been bearing the brunt. A large pile of garbage can be seen there which, according to experts, cause pollution and harm the environment.

Rahmat Ali, owner of Bhai Bhai Computer and Digital Studio in the market, said the garbage should be dumped at designated places. Then the river will be saved. Valiant freedom fighter Abdul Gafur Mandal said, as there is no waste disposal system in the market, the common people are unknowingly throwing these wastes in the river.

As a result, the river is getting polluted, the navigability is lost and the environment is losing its balance. Ordinary people are being harmed in many ways. In this regard, Shailkupa Upazila Nirbahi Officer Kaniz Fatema Liza said a decision would be taken after inspecting the market as it is located between the two upazilas.

Abdul Halim Mollah, advisory chairman of the Bazaar Banik Samiti, said that the environment of the area was being polluted due to the dumping of garbage in the river as there was no designated place. The place of the cattle market was also full of garbage. At the same time, ordinary pedestrians are constantly suffering due to the lack of adequate number of dustbins. Due to lack of enough space in the market, makeshift marts are being set up everywhere around the river.

Member Chand Ali said that most of the garbage in the market is brought and dumped in the open into Gorai River. This is the source of the strong foul smell. It is often seen that passengers are crossing the Naduria ferry ghat of Gorai River covering their noses with handkerchiefs.

Deb Kumar from Langalbandh area said the amount of garbage being dumped in the river has threated the very existence of the river in the next 20 years.

However, the Sreepur Upazila administration said the market committee will be given the responsibility to dispose of the garbage at the designated place very soon. Even then, if the garbage is dumped into the river, action will be taken through the mobile court, he said.