Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Rehabilitate less fortunate people

Rehabilitate less fortunate people

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As responsible members of society, we are bound by the feelings of empathy and affiliation. These feelings inspire us to come to the aid of our fellow brothers and sisters. But, in reality, if we look around, we find apathy every day by people everywhere. At least, a striking picture of a box story published on the back page of this newspaper yesterday has testified to the fact. In the news photo, we find a visually impaired woman begging on a footpath of the capital holding in her hand a rope tied around a leg of her two and a half year old girl child.

Pedestrians of all ages pass by one after another, but unfortunately the terrible condition of the hapless woman and her innocent baby could not move their hearts at all. The press photo is worth a thousand words to describe how heartless we are as human beings! We are quite unable to feel the pangs of a mother, whose only concern is safety and security of her child. Apathy is the single largest problem we face today, because it is indifference that fuels a vast number of problems, including poverty, a scourge of society. Any society depends upon empathy, but what do we owe as members of the same society?

Nobel laureate Mother Teresa cared for those in need with her selfless actions. She touched lepers and took care of those with AIDS. She encouraged others to really see the poorest of the poor by going out and meeting them. Time has come to remember her message and at least try to follow her noble example. We should stand up for our less fortunate brothers and sisters in society. There are scores of NGOs in the country that are doing commendable jobs for distressed humanity. They should come forward to mitigate the sufferings of such unfortunate people like this unlucky mother and her child. They can easily create safe homes for them.

The government is undertaking various programmes for the country's development and prosperity. It has also various social safety net programmes for welfare of the marginalised people. It should immediately come up to rehabilitate these unfortunate people.