Saturday, 16 October, 2021

Biman’s much-awaited decision comes

With the improvement of the coronavirus situation, every sector is now planning to go back to normalcy: business and commercial activities started going on in full swing. Countries that imposed travel bans due to the deteriorating Covid-19 situation now begin resuming flight operations with Bangladesh. India earlier declared to continue flights with Bangladesh from September 03. Consequently, Biman Bangladesh Airlines has resumed flight operations from yesterday. The decision comes as a sigh of relief for the people in need of flying to the neighbouring country.

In the last few years, the number of people visiting India has increased a few times. When some people tour the country for pleasure or business purposes, a large number of them have to go there for medical treatment. Therefore, the suspension of flights between the countries for four months in consequence of the second wave of the pandemic in both countries was a barrier for them to access medical services. However, their suffering has ended as Indian and Bangladeshi carriers are permitted to operate services between the two countries under the bilateral air bubble arrangement.

Belated though, the national flag carrier announced to resume Dhaka-Kolkata and Dhaka-Delhi flights thrice a week. However, no step has been taken to notify the mass people, including service seekers, on their part except issuing a press release, which is a small attempt compared to private airline companies. More publicity campaign was expected from the state-run airlines to make people know about flight resumption. Doing work with less care is a common approach of the Biman Bangladesh officials. This is actually the reason why they have failed to make profit years after years while the private-run companies are doing business in full swing.

In our country, most of the government officers and officials have been doing their jobs in a relaxed way, even where there is a concern about financial benefits or loss. They do not care at all whether their company makes any profit or not. This approach must be changed. Government officials must be proactive and must work with the intention to provide better service to mass people and make their companies profitable at the same time. If not, they should be made accountable for their failure. Thus, state-run companies can be made as profitable as private-run companies are.