Saturday, 18 September, 2021

BTS Girl: A short film for children and teenagers

BTS Girl: A short film for children and teenagers

Director Anarya Murshid to make a short film ‘BTS Girl’ for children and teenagers. A bunch of new child artistes is working in the film. Noted actor Mamunur Rashid is the acting director of the project.

Child artist Naila Tazwar Spheyeta will play the lead character in ‘BTS Girl’. In the meantime, the demo shooting of the short film ended on Thursday.

Producer of the film Shajedul Azad said, “We don’t have many films for children and teenagers. It may seem unprofitable to many but teenagers are one of the biggest audiences in our country. That’s why it will possible to make a profit through children’s films. Even if it is not profitable, we should make more content for children and teenagers.”

Director Anarya Murshid said, “This is my first narrative film. Child artistes are working in the film with senior artistes. We’ve shot a demo part of the movie. We hope to release the film in early 2022.” 

Jointly produced by Cinehut and Motion Bangla, Ujan is the partner of ‘BTS Girl’.