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Importance of taking bath

  • Mahmudul Hoque Jalis
  • 3 September, 2021 12:00 AM
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Importance of taking bath

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A true Muslim knows well the importance and virtue of holiness in Islam.  Observance of all religious precepts depends on holiness.  For this reason, in Islamic terminology, holiness has been called a part of faith.  Therefore, for a person to attain full holiness, he must be pure from both external and internal uncleanness.  Referring to holiness in the Qur’an, Allah says, ‘Surely Allah loves the penitent and the purified.’ Surah Al-Baqarah.

 In this connection, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said in a hadeeth: “When he washes his hands, all the sins that he committed with his hands come out with the last drop of azure water or azure water.  In the end, he was cleansed of his sins.” Tirmizi

 There are some specific ways to achieve holiness in Islam.  For example: bath, aju, washing hands before eating, meswak to keep teeth clean, washing if there is dirt on the body, etc.

 There are several types of bathing.

 Forced bathing: That bathing is called, which is essential to do.  Bathing is obligatory if one is unclean in adulthood, that is, if one has nightmares, or if the girls are healthy from menstruation, or if the husband and wife have intercourse.  Purity must be achieved from all these.  In this connection, Allah says in the Qur'an, "If you are unclean, then take a bath."  Surah Maidah, verse 6.

Also the reasons why bathing is obligatory are:

1.            If ejaculation is due to nightmares or arousal.

2.            Whether you remember the dream or not, if you see signs of semen on your body, clothes or bed.

3.            Whether ejaculation occurs in sexual intercourse between men and women or not.

4.            If women's menstruation (menstruation) stops.

5.            At the end of nifas (bleeding after childbirth).

6.            If you accept Islam (if you are a new Muslim).

7.            If semen comes out with the excitement of a man or a woman, there will be no prayers without the obligatory bath.

                There is also a proper method of taking bath.  Complete holiness cannot be achieved without adopting that method.  Therefore, three bathing duties have been prescribed:

1.            Once the water reaches the soft spot of the nose, it is obligatory to clean it.

 2.           It is obligatory to reach water all over the body.

                Thus, in the case of circumcision of the bath, several things have been mentioned:

 1.           Circumcised three times.

 2.           Circumcision is done by reaching the soft area of the nose three times and cleaning it.

 3.           Circumcise the whole body by pouring water three times and rubbing it well.

                 There are also some more circumcisions in the bath,

 1.           Intention to take a bath.

 2.           Wash both hands up to the wrists at the beginning of the bath.

 3.           Cleaning the urinal.

 4.           If there is impurity in any part of the body, wash it.

 5.           Ablution

If you take a bath in a place where water accumulates, after taking a bath, move away from that place and wash your feet.

There is a punishment for neglecting to achieve the sacred from the obligatory bath.  In this connection, it has been narrated from Hadrat Abdullah bin Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) that he said, "Once I attended the janaza of one of my neighbours."  As his body was being unloaded, a strange animal like a cat jumped in and out of the grave, preventing him from being unloaded.  I tried my best to drive it away.  But it could not be removed in any way.  Unsuccessfully, the grave was dug elsewhere.  Going there, the animal began to cause terrible nuisance.  All attempts to kill it failed.

Forced to go elsewhere, a third grave was dug.  Once there, the beast began to infest even more.  We hurriedly buried him in the third tomb; I hurried out of the meeting.  At the end of the burial, a loud noise came from the grave.  I asked his wife to find out, his wife replied, he neglected the obligatory bath after intercourse.  This would have made his Fajr prayers qaza.  Besides, I have never seen any of his other sins.  So, we need to pay more attention to holiness.  One cannot remain impure by neglect.


The writer is a Muhaddis, Khadimul Islam Madrasa, Kamrangir Char, Dhaka