Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Check attack on minority

Check attack on minority

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Bangladesh is a secular country constitutionally entrusted with ensuring peaceful co-existence of its people irrespective of religion, caste, ethnicity, economic class and opinion. Religious harmony gets the topmost priority here. However, we sometimes hear about the violation of one of the four principles of the states: hurting the religious sentiment of others or attacking the minority groups. Most of the time, violators are found to be local influential persons with the intention of establishing absolute domination or oppressing minority groups for taking undue advantages.

Yesterday, a report has been published in this daily featuring Jatiya Sangad whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury’s alleged involvement in one of such controversies. The story, quoting a Facebook post of a former leader of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), stated that the Member of Parliament from Chattogram-12 constituency (Patiya) is controlling the puja committee and other debottar property committees in that area, which they (the local Hindus) think nothing but interference of an influential group outside their religion. Therefore, the ex-BCL leader, a practitioner of Hinduism, urges to “Protect Hindus from ‘Bhaiya Group’ of Whip Shamsul”.

If the allegation is true, it is a criminal offence and a clear violation of one of the principles of the state, secularism. Therefore, the law enforcement agencies must investigate the allegation seriously and, if anyone is found guilty, they should be punished. On the other hand, the ruling Awami League, the party Shamsul Haque claims to be a follower of, must conduct a separate enquiry as this sort of deeds by one of their leaders would tarnish the image of the party that believes in the spirit of the Liberation War and follows the ideology of Bangabandhu.

Shamsul Haque is not alone in our society, rather there are many powerful people who are always looking for opportunities to exploit people and, if comes any chance, use their influence to discriminate against the minorities as these groups are less protected socially. However, to make the country safe for every citizen these criminals should be dealt with an iron fist. The people have to develop a social movement against these corrupt people and at the same time, the state should ensure tougher action against them as they not only attack people of other religions but also disobey one of the four principles of our state.