Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Make anti-trafficking laws stricter

Make anti-trafficking laws stricter

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Human trafficking is the worst possible act of crime against humanity that can be carried out by any criminal gang or individual in this world. Poor gullible young people are trafficked across borders with promises of lucrative jobs abroad. The worst among all human trafficking crimes are the trafficking of women to engage them in prostitution abroad.

Previously, trafficking rings used various tactics to traffic women with the support of travel agencies. Now they are using a new tactic. They send the women abroad in the name of giving them jobs. Most such promises of jobs and a better life overseas are lies, which the women desperate for employment overlook to question deeply.

With the lure of tempting job offers, organised human-trafficking gangs have been sending Bangladeshi girls abroad and selling them into prostitution. In this way, women fall victim to human trafficking unknowingly, seeking a better life for their family. The low conviction rate in trafficking cases in Bangladesh makes it difficult to deter traffickers and their accomplices from giving up the disgusting trade. Also, the high monetary gains encourage gangs to continue their evil trade in human lives all over the world.

Awareness campaigns regarding the modus operandi of human traffickers can help in saving many simple women from falling into the sweet traps set by trafficking gang members and their accomplices to catch victims. Young men and women all over the country must be taught to question lucrative overseas job offers falling into their lap just like that. All young people must be cautious when they are approached by any ‘agent’ about going abroad for work, all expenses paid. Usually when an offer sounds too good to be true, it may actually be too good to be true. Lures and traps are always attractively set up to catch the unaware victims.

When women victims are offered jobs abroad, members of the trafficker gang prepare all the required papers, including passport, visa and ticket, and the targeted women are also told to keep it a secret from their family. Therefore, women should be cautious against anyone who asks them to keep such secrets from their family.

The government must make stricter laws not to allow traffickers to come out of jail easily, as they do so after being caught by using loopholes in the law.