Friday, 24 September, 2021

Rajnath slams Pakistan for resorting to proxy war against India

TAMIL NADU: Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday indicated that Pakistan, after losing two wars to India, had started resorting to proxy war and that terrorism had become an integral part of its state policy, reports NDTV.

Addressing the faculty and students of Defence Service Staff College Wellington on Sunday, Singh said, “After losing two wars, one of our neighbouring countries (Pakistan) has started resorting to proxy war, and terrorism has become an integral part of its state policy. It has started targeting India by providing arms, funds, and training to terrorists.”

The country has started targeting India by providing arms, funds and training to terrorists, he added.

“Despite challenges at our borders, the countrymen today are confident that there will be no comprised with India’s national security,” Singh said.

“The belief that India would not only end terrorism on its own land but also not hesitate to conduct counter-terrorism operations on their land if needed is gradually becoming stronger,” he added.”I want to salute the armed forces who defeated the neighbour (Pakistan) which has been targeting our nation,” he said.”

If a ceasefire (between India and Pakistan) is successful today, it is because of our strength. In 2016, cross-border strikes changed our reactionary mindset into a proactive mindset, which was further strengthened by the Balakot airstrike in 2019,” he further stated.