Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

Hasina materialise Bangabandhu’s dreams one by one: Kamal

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Friday said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been carrying out Bangabandhu's dream one by one to make the country poverty and hunger free Sonar Bangla, reports BSS.

“Bangabandhu's daughter Janonetri Sheikh Hasina has turned around Bangladesh. She is implementing Bangabandhu's dream one by one,” he said this, while addressing a discussion held at Ramna Police Convention Hall as the chief guest.

Bangladesh Police Service Association organised the discussion commemorating the 46th martyrdom anniversary and National Mourning Day of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with its president Additional Inspector General of Police and Chief of Special Branch Md Monirul Islam in the chair.

Besides, chief coordinator of the National Implementation Committee on birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and former principal secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office Dr Kamal Abdul Naser Chowdhury spoke as the main discussant.

Among others, senior secretary of public security division Mustafa Kamal Uddin and Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Benazir Ahmed addressed the discussion as special guests.

The home minister said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will change Bangladesh and today she has really changed the country with her wisdom.

In the beginning of the meeting, a minute silence was observed in honour of all those who were martyred on 15 August, 1975 including Father of the Nation Bangabandhu, Bangamata and most of his family members. Light arts built on the life of the Father of the Nation were screened.

Kamal, also veteran freedom fighter,, said, “When we think of Bangabandhu, we are talking about the greatest Bangali. He lived only fifty-five years. During his 55 years life span, Bangabandhu was imprisoned for 3053 days. He has been campaigning for the establishment of human rights. For most of his 55 years, he fought for human rights. Bangabandhu went to jail to protest  the rights of Dhaka University employees.”

The home minister said Bangabandhu was arrested under Pakistan Defence Rule as soon as finishing his meeting on six-point movement across the country.

“When we say, Bangabandhu led the language movement, vested quarter defied it. Today’s records that we have in our prisons and in SB (Special Branch) clearly proved that Bangabandhu gave instructions and wrote letters from jail, how to take the language movement forward,” he said.

Kamal said that after the language movement in 1952, Bangabandhu took the mandate of independence from people step by step through the movements of 1954, 1966 and 1969.

He said the Father of Nation got the opportunity for only three and a half years after independence, adding, “With his talent and honesty, he has turned the country around in just three and a half years. That’s why killers did not give chance to remain alive. They knew that the blood of Bangabandhu flowing in their arteries would turn around.”

The minister further said that Bangabandhu wanted to build a people's police. “Today our police achieved that place. They are facing any challenge. We have been able to turn the country into an abode of peace because police are doing everything to curb militancy and terrorism in a balanced way. Today, Bangladesh's foreign reserves have risen to 48 billion.”

In his speech, the IGP said that August 15 must be a day of extreme shame and pain for every independent and self-respecting Bangali.

“The Bangalis have no history of liberating themselves in four thousand years. Bangalis were oppressed and deprived for four thousand years. Hunger and poverty were our constant companions. When Bangabandhu said, ‘Today I have appeared before you with a heart laden with sorrow’, in fact, he spoke of our sorrow for four thousand years,” Dr Benazir said.

He said that Bangabandhu had immense respect and love for every hard- working people of this country and for the people who smelled mud and soil.

The IGP quoted Bangabandhu, “This time the struggle is for freedom," and said Bangabandhu also spoke about the 'struggle for liberation'. He promised the liberation of the Bangali nation. On that day Bangabandhu represented the entire Bangali nation standing on the stage.

“We are lucky,” the IGP said, adding that his worthy daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has got the opportunity and is materializing Bangabandhu's dream by serving the country.

The SB chief, Md Monirul Islam said that the independence of Bangalis was the greatest achievement in the history of Bangalis whose great architect is Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Similarly, August 15 is the most shameful and stigma day for the Bangali nation. On that day, the notorious gang brutally killed Bangabandhu and most of his family members, he added.

Senior police officers, members of the association and other officers from all units were connected with the event virtually.