Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Prices of essentials soar in city markets

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 28 August, 2021 12:00 AM
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Prices of some essential kitchen items such as egg, chicken, sugar and early winter vegetables were high in the city markets on Friday.

Prices of some early variety winter vegetables were so high that low-income people could hardly buy it.

Bean was selling at Tk160-180 per kg, cauliflower at Tk 40-70 per piece, tomato at Tk100-120 per kg, and carrot at Tk100-120 per kg in the city kitchen markets. The prices of the produces were same in the previous week.

Broiler chicken was selling at Tk140-150 per kg against Tk125-130 a week earlier.

Price of Sonali chicken was Tk 225-235 per kg while it was Tk 210-230 per kg a week earlier.

Prices of layer chicken were Tk225-235 per kg while it was Tk230-240 a week earlier.

Price of farm eggs was Tk110 per dozen, duck eggs Tk 160 per dozen and local chicken eggs was Tk 180 per dozen.

Price of sugar has increased to Tk 80 per kg while it was Tk 78 per kg a week earlier. Packed sugar was sold at Tk85 per kg.

Ribbed gourd was sold at Tk40-50 per kg, bitter guard at Tk40-60 per kg and snake gourd at Tk30-40 per kg.

Price of okra was Tk30-40 per kg, pointed guard Tk 30-40 per kg while it was Tk20-30 per kg a week earlier.

Green papaya was sold at Tk25-30 per kg and yardlong bean at Tk 60-70 per kg.

Price of leafy vegetable has also increased in the kitchen market. Price of red amaranth was Tk 20-30 per bunch while it was Tk 15 as week earlier.

Reddish leaf was sold at Tk 15-20 per bunch and water spinach was sold at Tk 5-10 per bunch.

Price of farmed Telapia fish was sold at Tk160-180 per kg, Ruhi at Tk280-380 per kg, Mrigel atTk 240-280 per kg and Pabda at Tk 450-600 per kg.