Sunday, 24 October, 2021

Make vaccination process smother

Make vaccination process smother

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In a time when the government was supposed to utilise every option and go on a war footing to inoculate as many people as possible against Covid-19, it is distressing to note that many are failing to register for the jab only because of not having national identity card. There is no denying that NID is an important document, but we think the government should also accept birth registration certificate for Covid-19 vaccine registration.

The World Health Organization calls for vaccinating at least one third of the population to reach herd immunity against the coronavirus. So, the situation demands the government to pro-actively vaccine the people by making the vaccination process as easy as possible, and there should be no room for bureaucratic entanglement over some paper documents. If we cannot ensure vaccine for all eligible people for lack of NID or birth registration certificates, frequent lockdowns and disruption to business and life might continue for a longer period. The cost of lockdown and restriction on business both in terms of money and human life is higher than the spending on vaccines.

At preset we are witnessing a gradual decline in infection and mortality rate due to Covid-19, which has brought about a palpable sense of relief among the people and the authorities concerned. But it may not last long as another wave is possibly around the corner if a good number of people are not vaccinated against the virulent disease.

Therefore, it is hoped that the complexity that has arisen over receiving of Covid-19 vaccines for a large number of people will be solved in the right earnest considering the greater interest of the nation. This is not a time to exercise unnecessary bureaucratic power to deprive people of Covid-19 vaccines. If the government and the people at large learn no lessons from previous mistakes in containing the spread of the virus, consequences can be dire for us as a nation. All eligible persons should be vaccinated, irrespective of whether one can produce the desired documents or not. If anyone is not vaccinated under that excuse, they will remain as potential victims or carriers of the disease.

What should be given priority – identification documents or herd immunity?