Friday, 17 September, 2021

PM’s concern for workers’ well-being

PM’s concern for workers’ well-being

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Prosperity of a country depends on industrial development. And, millions of workers contribute to the country's industrial development through their hard toil and labour. This is also true for our country where innumerable of labourers keep the wheels of industries moving facing all odds. Although they are the essential means to achieve the goal of prosperity, they in most cases remain mostly unsung. Our society is not ready to recognise their role as a stakeholder in development and prosperity. So, they are deprived of the fruits of prosperity.

Poverty is their constant companion. Not to speak of education and healthcare of their children, they remain ever busy in search of food and clothing. They have fallen victims to inequality that prevails in the society. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has worsened that situation of inequality to a great extent. At their workplaces, they have to work in a congested atmosphere. In this atmosphere, they are unable to maintain social distancing to keep the lethal virus at bay. As to why, most of the time, a fear of infecting Covid-19 haunts them.

Although vaccination offers the best protection against the virus, lots of employers of these hapless workers seldom think for their well-being and, for that, vaccination very often remains a chimera for them. But, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, being a friend of the poor, responded to the crisis. She is well aware that they are the major contributors to the country's economy; so, they must be protected from the harmful bug. In no time, the PM issued directives to the authorities concerned to initiate a separate programme to bring the industrial workers under Covid-19 vaccination coverage. Evidence suggests that the virus spreads mainly between people who are in close contact with each other. This is why, the PM also asked the relevant authorities to vaccinate the family members of the workers to keep everyone safe and sound. In this manner, our humanitarian premier wins the hearts of thousands of industrial workers. Alongside, she went a step ahead to win the battle against the coronavirus.  The PM's move has also guaranteed the cohesiveness of society.