Friday, 17 September, 2021

No scope to ignore health guidelines

No scope to ignore health guidelines

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It is a matter of relief that the death curve from coronavirus started going down last week after having over 200 deaths regularly throughout July and the early weeks of August, while the infection rate also shows a declining trend. On 21st August, the country reported 120 deaths, the lowest in 51 days and 3,999 infections, also lowest in a month. The health officials also recorded a 16.71% positivity rate and a 1.73% death rate on that day. 

The declining trend is surely the outcome of the recently concluded lockdown and other health restrictions imposed to contain the third wave of the deadly virus. Though lockdown has been withdrawn considering the sufferings of poor people and the economic drawback of the closure, there is no scope to be complacent about the health guidelines meant for containing the spread of Covid-19.

The policymakers have been trying their best to balance between lives and livelihoods, thus withdrew lockdown; now the masses have to play their roles. Time has compelled us to take all reasonable precautions to protect ourselves and our families from this invisible enemy. We all know that the situation may deteriorate anytime, just because of a silly mistake. Therefore we have to act appropriately from our individual position, keeping in mind that concerted fight against the deadly virus is a must, and a small mistake, even on a personal level, may put the whole nation in a dire situation once again.

On the other hand, the government should continue playing its part as well. The mass immunisation programme should be the government’s topmost priority to vaccinate more and more people within the shortest possible time, since no other step has been proven as effective as vaccination is to check the deadly coronavirus keeping other losses under control. It is learned that the stock of vaccines is now satisfactory, and the flow of vaccines to the country is expected to continue in full swing in coming months. Therefore, the government should speed up the programme but surely in an organised way. People from all walks of life and the government should try their best so that we could win the battle against the invisible enemy.