Saturday, 18 September, 2021

Eliminate corruption from administration

Eliminate corruption from administration

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given a tough ultimatum to all public service officials regarding corruption. After all, she has raised the pay and facilities of government service holders much during her tenure. Therefore, there can be no excuses for corruption under her government, as the facilities and pay packages in government services have reached an envious pinnacle in monetary terms as well as respectability.

But obviously, there are some whose appetite for illegal earnings has become so habitual that no matter how much they earn, their greed fails to be appeased. Thus, due to a few corrupt officials, the entire administration has to carry the shame of corruption. But it is high time to stop them, as the people and the country have suffered enough due to corruption in administration.

It is no secret that there are rampant corruptions prevalent in most government funded projects. A project is planned to be completed within a stipulated time with a certain amount of budget. Then over time, the budget is increased by leaps and bounds while the completion time is also lengthened. Wastage of time and resources is commonplace in government projects; like wood-devouring termites, corrupt officials are eating away at the achievements and hard work of the government, making it a big headache for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

People suffer on the ill constructed roads and highways of Bangladesh, which are the costliest per kilometre in the world, yet potholes develop in them within shortest possible time. There are reports of massive corruption in relation to procurements in almost all the departments of the government. In particular, healthcare has earned a bad repute even during the Covid-19 pandemic, when this department should have been the greatest support for the government and the people. But the highest corruption has been seen in infrastructure building in many parts of the country.

Our PM wants to build a skilled, service oriented and accountable administration which will accelerate the development of the country. Firstly, we must understand that wishful thinking will not cure corruption, for that we must establish effective good governance in the country. To achieve Bangabandhu’s Sonar Bangla, we must punish the corrupt persons while reward those who perform their jobs well.