Thursday, 23 September, 2021

Sheikh Hasina - friend of 'have-nots'

Sheikh Hasina - friend of 'have-nots'

A picture published yesterday on the back page of this newspaper made hundreds of its readers happy. In the picture, hungry poor children were taking cooked food to their heart's content. The food was distributed to these hapless children marking the 46th martyrdom anniversary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at his place of birth, Tungipara. Not only the poor kids of Bangabandhu's ancestral upazila got food, but the people of entire Gopalganj district were lucky enough to get relief for the past few days as per directive of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. We whole-heartedly thank the PM for her noble gesture.

The PM's empathy towards the distressed is well-known all over the country. Her heart bleeds at the sight of people's sufferings anywhere. On so many occasions we have observed her rushing to the suffering people forgetting her status and personal security. The rare quality of empathy has made her come closer to the commoners throughout the length and breadth of the country. That is what exactly made her win the hearts of general people. She always stood beside the destitute during times of crisis. Everywhere, we see her reaching out, sometimes way out, to help people in distress. During the entire Mujib Year, orphan and destitute kids got food every month, according to her strong directive. There are abundant examples of her caring, giving nature and ability to sympathise with others.

She has proved that people can be won over through love and sympathy.  Not only at home, she has also been lauded abroad for her soft-hearted nature. She has demonstrated a unique example of an altruistic gesture by giving shelter to thousands of persecuted Rohingya people from Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Globally, she has been dubbed as the 'Mother of Humanity.'

Meanwhile, in our country, poverty is taking toll on scores of poor people. The well-to-do people of society should emulate the humanitarian gesture of the premier and give attention to their less-fortunate neighbours so that none of them suffer from starvation. We wish and believe Sheikh Hasina’s dream of bringing smiles to the faces of 'have-nots' will come true in the near future.