Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Serbian cave hermit gets Covid-19 jab

Serbian cave hermit gets Covid-19 jab

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PIROT: Almost twenty years ago, Panta Petrovic made social distancing a lifestyle choice when he moved into a tiny Serbian mountain cave to avoid society, reports AFP.   

Last year, on one of his visits to town, the dreadlocked man with a long beard found out there was a pandemic raging. After vaccines against Covid-19 became available, he got jabbed and urges everyone to do the same.

"It (the virus) does not pick. It will come here, to my cave, too", the 70-year-old told AFP in his cave on the forested Stara Planina mountain in

southern Serbia.             

The cave Petrovic calls home is accessible only by a steep climb that is not for the fainthearted.

It is equipped with an old rusty bathtub which he uses as a toilet, some benches and a stack of hay that serves as a bed.

Petrovic hails from the nearby town of Pirot where he worked as a labourer on the black market, as he did abroad for some time. He remarried on multiple occasions, a life he called "hectic".