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Culvert without approach roads lying useless in Feni

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  • 13 August, 2021 12:00 AM
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Culvert without approach roads lying useless in Feni

FENI: The culvert over the Kachua canal at Alokdia village in Kalidah union of Feni Sadar Upazila remains a mockery for locals as it is lying useless due to lack of approach roads even after five years of its construction.

The 36-foot-long culvert was built five years ago at Alokdia village to connect Feni Sadar, but the lack of a connecting road is causing suffering to the people.

The culvert at a cost of Tk 28 lakh is of no use to the people. Since there is no connecting road, the locals have to travel knee deep in the rainy season or walk one kilometer.

In the face of the demand of the locals, under the bridge-culvert construction project of the Department of Disaster Management, in the financial year 2015-16, the place cost about 28 lakh 19 thousand 933 Taka. A 36-foot culvert was built. Even after the completion of the construction work, it has become useless for the common man. Due to the lack of soil on both sides of the culvert, it has become quite a matter of suffering for any type of vehicle, let alone for ordinary people, to walk on it.

The suffering increases further during the rainy season, the villagers said.

“Another rainy season has arrived, but no one is talking about building a road on both sides of the culvert,” said Abdur Rahim, a resident of Alokdia village. Nearly 30,000 people of Alokdia, Bhalikiya, Kachua and Kalidah villages have been suffering for want of roads, he said. The locals were expecting that the roads linking the culvert would be built before this rainy season, but now, no one knows when the work will start.

“Despite having a culvert, we use boats for crossing the canal during the rainy season,” locals said.

Farmers, students and patients are the worst sufferers, locals added. “Farmers cannot carry their produce to Feni Sadar markets due to the absence of a road,” villagers added.

“The culvert could ease our life if there was a proper road connectivity,” said villagers.

Feni Sadar Upazila Project Implementation Officer Aftabul Islam said he was not aware of the matter. Necessary steps will be taken after inspection.