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Media is an unpredictable companion: Himu Akram

Media is an unpredictable companion: Himu Akram
Himu Akram

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Himu Akram is one of the popular small screen directors the country.  He has directed in more than 400 dramas and advertisements in his career. His drama serial ‘Shanti Malam Dash Taka’ is currently being aired on Rtv. He is also getting huge response for the serial. Recently, our correspondent Md. Jahidul Islam talked to this director and tried to explore his current activities and beyond. Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

 ‘Shanti Malam Dash Taka’ is one of the most talked about serials at this moment. Tell something about the drama?

The drama serial ‘Shanti Malam dash Taka’ is being aired on RTV every day. People are watching, having fun. That’s the satisfaction. Each and every character is familiar to the viewers. Stories are also familiar too. Just like the girl next door. I believe in stories. You’ll get a plenty of sense of humor in the entire story and dialogue.

Now, many are becoming a star without much effort. All are running after Facebook, TikTok, likers and followers. What’s your view about this?

It’s a shame and scary. I call it scary because they’re not aware of the long journey of our Subarna Mustafa, Jaya Ahsan, Aupee Karim or Nusrat Imrose Tisha. They don’t keep track of how far they have gone to make themselves, to own the love of the audience. So, they easily think of themselves as stars. It is a matter of pursuit that requires a regular practice which is almost invisible in this age of following and viral.

You always make dramas only considering your own choice! Why the plots of all the stories belong to villages?

Because, the present generation hasn’t seen the village, the time, the search for the illusion that I have seen. I want to show at least, a little of it in my story. Searching for a bird’s nest, listening to music on a radio programme sitting in a corner of a crossroad-shop. Watching Bengali movies on television on Fridays - all this is like a dream now. I want to show these to the new generation with my dramas.  

Will Himu Akram stay in the story of the village and continue with the drama of the village?

I said ‘Yes’. But, I have created many stories apart from the drama of village. The story of the cities.  Of the small towns. The story of old Dhaka. Each director makes some adjustments keeping the audience on their mind. He thinks of the sensibility of the audience. But let me also say, I am very conscious of one thing. I think any director has a signature. Has a trademark. I am fully aware so that the identity is not lost while doing village dramas.

 Our drama is becoming dependent on heroes and heroines. What’ll you say about this?

The story is big. Not the actor. Another cruel truth is that muscular actors will not be able to survive long. It’s the character actors who will survive in this industry. For example, Mosharraf Karim, Chanchal Chowdhury. Those who are not afraid of acting as bald heads or older characters. 

YouTube or OTT-- which way would you go? What will be happen to our television? 

Roses were roses even a thousand years ago. They will be roses even later. Television is the name of such an emotion to me. Television was attached to us as a family member in our childhood. And still it is! Not YouTube, but the path of OTT is beautiful.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next 10 years?

It is difficult to say. The media is an absolutely unpredictable companion. When media will love or Leave or will be angry with you, nobody can say. But I want to see myself as a film director. I will make movies of completely the off-track. I haven’t yet walked along this path. I’ll walk, and run!