Sunday, 26 September, 2021

Supti Matin’s ‘Mon Munia Re’

In Bangladeshi music, there is a lot of significance of Marami songs. These songs will be alive many years in the hearts of music-lovers. Marami singer and poet Hason Raja is the composer of these songs. Singer Supti Matin is her descendant.

Daughter of Hason Raja’s granddaughter Meherunnesa Chowdhury’s daughter Supti Matin is a popular Marami singer.

This time singer Supti Matin is coming back to the audience with Hassan Raja’s song. Marcel has composed the music for the song titled ‘Mon Munia Re’ and Yamin Elan has directed

the video.

Regarding the song, Supti said, “Hasan Raja’s songs have relevance in the contemporary world. He had an eternal desire to know himself. That impression is also found in his creations. I hope the audience will enjoy the song.”

The Music video of the song will be released on Supti Matin Official YouTube channel soon.