Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

Concerted efforts needed for successful mass vaccination

Concerted efforts needed for successful mass vaccination

RAJSHAHI: Concerted efforts of all the government and non-government organizations concerned are seen very much effective to make the mass vaccination campaign against corona successful, even in the remote and hard-to-reach areas.

“We have seen that the opening day of the mass vaccination campaign on August 7 last was very much successful everywhere in the district,” said Dr Quiume Talukder, Civil Surgeon of Rajshahi.

He said the mass vaccination campaign opened a new opportunity for the grassroots people to protect them from the deadly virus.

Side by side with government agencies, many of the non-government organisations are working together to create public awareness so that they can protect them from the virus infection, reports BSS.

“We’re working for adequate knowledge transfer among the village people for making them capable of stemming the virus infection,” said Tozammel Haque, manager of Public Health Improvement Initiative Rajshahi (PHIIR) Project.

DASCOH Foundation and Swiss Red Cross are jointly implementing the PHIIR project in 110 community clinics, 42 Union Health and Family Welfare Centres and five Upazila Health Complexes in Rajshahi and Naogaon districts in order to improve health status at primary health care and mother, neonatal and child health.

On behalf of the PHIIR project, 47 staff, including 47 community volunteers and four family welfare visitors, are working together to make the rural level mass vaccination campaign a total success, he added.

They are assisting the village people in NID card collection, vaccine register update, supply of token for registration, filling up vaccine card and helping service providers for injecting vaccine.

There are some other supporting works, including crowd controlling in vaccination centres, raising awareness regarding vaccination, registration and verification and providing the next vaccination date to the respective person who received the first dose vaccine.

“It is an amazing experience for me. I am very happy to be a part of the mass vaccination campaign,” said Halima Khatun, 20, a community volunteer.

She said rural people are receiving vaccines and they are very happy after getting it.

“I am delighted to aid the people in the corona vaccination campaign,” said Hira Khatun, another community volunteer. She will be happy if she gets another invitation to the next vaccination campaign.

Abdul Hakim Pramanik, Chairman of Shuvodanga Union Parishad, said the people of hard-to-reach are now under corona vaccine coverage by dint of the mass campaign across the country launched by the government.

He said there is no way but to large-scale vaccination to fight the virus effectively.

Porsa Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr Mahbub Hasan said DASCOH Foundation is helping more and they are working and cooperating with us in every spare of our work and activities.

Naogaon Civil Surgeon Dr Abu Hanif said government and non-government collaborative efforts are very much effective to make the rural level vaccination campaign successful.

Many of the village people are also getting benefits as a result of the PHIIR project activities, he added.

The community people are learning about how to wash hands and follow other health related guidelines to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Akramul Haque, Chief Executive Officer of DASCOH Foundation, told that the Covid-19 response activities are being conducted for protecting the marginalized population from the virus infection in addition to the scheduled works of the project.