Sunday, 24 October, 2021

Hats off to our cricket warriors

Hats off to our cricket warriors

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Congratulations to the Tigers of Bangladesh! The Royal Bengal Tiger vanquished the Kangaroo to win the T20I series. The President and Prime Minister congratulated the Tigers wholeheartedly for the prestigious win. In fact, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also enjoyed watching it from her residence. She is an avid lover of sports. She has inherited her love for sports from her grandfather and esteemed father, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who was himself a very keen football player since his childhood.

The people of Bangladesh also thank the Tigers for restoring their faith. The people of Bangladesh are highly emotional regarding any match that the Tigers play. In the international arena of sports, an international match with foreign contenders is like a war between two counterparts. Both sides want their team to win the match. There is no place for the 2nd best in sports. Whoever remembers the losers, except their own country people, but everyone loves the winner!

Therefore, it is no wonder that the people of Bangladesh are joyous at the win of the Tigers against the Aussies. The T20I series win happened at a time when the people needed to hear some positive news in the country. Also, this win has heartened the spirit of the Bangladesh Cricket team, who needed something like this to pep them up in preparation for the next ICC T20 World Cup. 

There is nothing like winning a match to lift the mood of the entire country. But let us not forget ourselves in the heady joy of winning against such a strong contender, for we want to see our team to continue with their winning streak in future matches too. The tigers must now hold on to their competence and go from victory to victory. That is what the people of Bangladesh want to see them doing – win match after match vanquishing the opponent.

The Tigers are in great form now. They must work hard to hold on to their form and proficiency. They must play and win with other foreign teams with the confidence they displayed in this tournament. Cricket is a game of the mind, where mental stamina is just as vital as physical agility. We must motivate our national team by our enthusiastic encouragement and support.