Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

Kamal Ahmed’s ‘Tomar Oashime’ released on Tagore death anniv

Kamal Ahmed’s ‘Tomar Oashime’ released on Tagore death anniv

Tagore Singer Kamal Ahmed’s 20th Audio Album ‘Tomar Oashime’ has been released marking the 80th death anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore.

The album was released on the YouTube channel of ‘Music of Bengal’ on Friday.

This Album is comprised of 10 songs of Tagore taken from his Puja Section. The songs of the Album are -- ‘Pother Shesh Kothay’, ‘Jibono Moroner Shimana Chharaye’, ‘Achhe Dukhkho Achhe Mrityu’, ‘Tomaro Oashime Pranomomno Loye’, ‘Tomar Kachhe Ea Bor Magi’, ‘Amar Shure Lage Tomar Hashi’, ‘Tumi Je Amare Chao’, ‘Amar Matha Noto Kore’, ‘Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha Pai’ and ‘Diner Shehe Gumer Deshe’.

Kamal Ahmed is a renowned media personality, music connoisseur and eminent singer of the country. He is better known as a devoted and noted Tagore singer in addition to his responsibilities of a capable executive in Bangladesh Betar.

He is associated with ‘Chhayanaut’, an iconic cultural organisation committed to build up music talents, especially Tagore singers. There he got associated with veteran Tagore singers like Wahidul Haque, Sanjida Khatun, Ikhtiar Omar, Serajus Salekin and others.

He got many prestigious awards, including, SAARC Cultural Society Award (2010), Bangabandhu Gobeshona Foundation Award (2015), Adwaitia Mallabarman Award (2017) from Maharaja Birbikram University, India, Beer Shaheed Dhirendranath Dutta Award (2017) from Agartala, Tripura, India, FOBANA Award (2017) from Canada.