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Mishu a fake Indian currency maker

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  • 6 August, 2021 12:00 AM
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Arms and drug dealer Mishu Hasan has also set up a factory of counterfeit Indian currencies in Bangladesh, intelligence sources said.

Mishu used to make fake rupees and spread them across the country and his syndicate smuggles those counterfeit currencies into different states of India, they added.

Law enforcers have unearthed the information after Sharful Hasan alias Mishu Hasan was arrested with fake Indian rupees in Vatara area of Dhaka city on Tuesday night.

In the wake of the allegations of fake rupees, law enforcement agencies were struggling to find out the source of the fake Indian rupees.

Finally, the mystery has begun to unravel after the arrest of Mishu Hasan with fake Indian rupees.

Lutful Hasan, a resident of Dhaka, had to return without treatment in India, as most of his Indian currencies were counterfeit. Lutful collected the money from a money exchange in Gulshan of Dhaka. Like Lutful, many Bangladeshis faced troubles with fake rupees in India.

According to intelligence sources, the people of Bangladesh can easily identify fake Bangladeshi banknotes, but cannot indentify counterfeit Indian rupees. Mishu and his syndicate took advantage of this opportunity.

A large number of Bangladeshis go to India throughout the year for various purposes, including medical treatment and travel. Most of them take Indian rupees from Bangladesh for their own expenses. Mishu used to fool those people through his agents and known money exchanges. And he used to print fake notes in his fake rupee factory by evading the eyes of law enforcement agencies.

Through this illegal business, he has made huge money in a few years. The man who was a snatcher one and a half decades ago has now become owner of thousands of crores of taka.

Mishu has made huge money within a short time by doing illegal business of the counterfeit Indian rupees.

Not just counterfeit money – he brought Yaba shipments from Myanmar and spread the drug across the country. On the other hand, he has brought illegal weapons and sold them to various terrorist groups in the capital. This cycle looted crores of taka from the government in the name of importing luxury cars from abroad, evading tax.

He embezzled huge wealth in the country and abroad through drug trade, making counterfeit currencies, corruption and irregularities.

Finally, Mishu was arrested from Vatara area in an operation.

Mishu and Masudul Islam alias Jisan have been placed on remand for 16 days in separate cases. Jisan has been remanded for 7 days in three cases for interrogation and Mishu for 9 days in three cases for interrogation.

The two accused were produced before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) Court of Dhaka and Vatara police station applied for remand. Court sources said the cases were filed under the Special Powers Act, the Narcotics Control Act, the Arms Control Act and the Pornography Control Act.

An RAB member who took part in the operation said on condition of anonymity that normally the mint is owned by the government of any country. The currency is made in line with the various calculations of the domestic and international economy. But the one who could not be touched by all these calculations is Mishu Hasan.

He became the owner of the mint. He has produced a huge amount of Indian currencies. Domestic counterfeit money is easy to recognize and so the smart Mishu Hasan has produced foreign currency. Selling counterfeit goods and becoming the owner of thousands of crores of taka are a matter of time. So, Mishu has set up factories in several border areas of the Indian part of the country for direct foreign exchange production.

The money was exchanged with the exchange companies and the fake Indian currencies were delivered to them at half prices.

The exchange companies hand over these coins to the simple-minded people going to India for various purposes, including medical treatment.

This is like finding a goldmine. And in less than an era, Mishu has become the owner of thousands of crores of taka.

According to the RAB, cheat Mishu always introduced himself as a Dhaka resident, but his home is located in Maijdi of Noakhali. His father's name is Neyamat Ullah.

During the arrest of Mishu, RAB members also seized one firearm, six rounds of ammunition, 13,300 pieces of yaba, 1 Ferrari vehicle, glass equipment, 2 laptops, mobile phones, check books and ATM cards of various banks, passport and Indian counterfeit currency (Rs. 49,500) from his possession.

Later, on the information given by Mishu, one of his associates Md. Masudul Islam alias Jisan (39) was arrested.

According to the investigation, Mishu has formed a syndicate to carry out drug, arms and prostitution, women trafficking and smuggling activities, including the spread of counterfeit Indian rupees.

The members of this syndicate targeted the children of rich families.

 He used to seduce them by using drugs and beautiful young women.

In the meantime, they used to capture pictures and videos of their personal moments.

After all, he would have blackmailed crores of taka through those pictures and videos.

Mishu has 10 to 12 active members in his syndicate. They arrange various immoral activities including drug use in the name of DJ party in different elite areas of the capital especially in Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani and other areas.

During the RAB interrogation, Mishu also confessed to being involved in various frauds and blackmailing. In addition to importing luxury cars, Mishu himself used expensive cars.

His personal Ranch Rover, Aqua, Volkswagen, Ferrari and five other vehicles were found.

Earlier, Mishu was arrested three times on various charges.

There are several cases in his name. Who are the members of that syndicate? One of the members of this ring of Mishu is the recently arrested model Faria Mahbub Piasa.

Introducing herself as a model in the profession, she is not so well known in the showbiz world.  Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police arrested DB from his home in Baridhara on August 1. Large quantities of alcohol, yaba and lead were recovered from his home.

He is accused of embezzling money by blackmailing the children of wealthy families.

They would invite the children of affluent families home in the name of the party and take offensive pictures of them drinking alcohol and yaba.

Then they would be blackmailed by showing that picture.

On the same day, another model named Mau was arrested from Mohammadpur in the capital. Mishu and his accomplice Jisan were later arrested on the basis of their information. The names of other members of the group came out during Mishud's initial interrogation. After that, the RAB raided and arrested the famous actress Parimani and a producer named Raj. They are now in police remand.

It is learnt that Mishu with the support of DJ Jamil and DJ Natasha set up a Shisha Bar just opposite the Gulshan Pink City.

He with the support of councilor Tarequzzaman, suspended and now in jail for controversial activities, also controlled the casino business of Fu-wang Club. Though the casino business has been stopped after the government ran a crackdown on such business, Mishu did not refrain from his illegal activities.

He started luggage business at airport. As the issue became public, he was involved in car lifting. Sources said Mishu embezzled about one thousands crore of money through his illegal activities.

 Besides possessing a house in USA and Gulshan in Dhaka, he also has some luxury cars, worth over Tk 100 crore.

Mishu’s cohort Jisan was in charge of his importing raw materials of arms.

A team of RAB on Tuesday arrested Jisan who was key hand of Mishu’s illegal arms and yaba trading and producing illegal ATM cards.

 Jisan used to supply the fake India currency to different money exchangers. Such currencies were produced from an illegal fake note factory, run by Mishu.

Mishu used some dishonest officials of some banks in this regard. 

Apart from this, Jisan used to import raw materials of arms and a gang loyal to Jisan produced ammunitions and arms by setting up illegal factories at different corners of the country.

It is learnt that Jisan supplied such illegal arms and ammunitions to militant organisations.  Bot  Mishu and Jisan formed a syndicate in Myanmar to sell such illegal arms.

Mishu’s another cohort is former BARVIDA president Habib Ullah Dawn, who joined hands with Mishu in illegal car business.

A 6000CC vehicle of Mishu has been seized from Dawn recently. The vehicle was kept at Auto Museum at Gulshan 111 road. As Bangladesh has put a ban on importing such vehicles, there is legally no way to make registration of such vehicles.

Despite the fact, such vehicles have been plying the roads of the capital.

The car, seized by law enforcement agencies on Tuesday from Auto Museum, had a vehicle registration plate. But law enforcement agencies said that the number plate of the vehicle was fake.