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Oamar Sani stars in ‘Jagoron’

Oamar Sani stars in ‘Jagoron’

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Oamar Sani is one of the popular Dhallywood actors. The noted artiste has acted in a number of audience-acclaimed movies in his long career. Now, the actor will be seen acting in a new movie titled ‘Jagoron’.

Directed by Zahid Hossain, Omar Sani will play lead role in the film. Zahid Hossain himself has written the Story, screenplay and Dialogue of the movie.

 About the movie, Omar Sani said, “The story of the film is based on the life of enclave dwellers of the country. The story of the movie is to my liking. I also signed a deal with director Zahid Hossain for the film on Wednesday night.”

 “Zahid Hossain is a talented director. He always makes cinemas with utmost care. I hope the film ‘Jagoron’ will be a good movie”, he added.    

According to the director the shooting of the film will begin in November this year.  

Abdullah Al Imran, popularly known as Omar Sani, is film and television actor of the country. Sani started his film career with ‘Chader Alo’ directed by Shaikh Najrul Islam Khan in 1990.

Omar Sani acted noted films are ‘Prem Protishodh’, ‘Ke Oporadhi’, ‘Mohoth’, ‘Akheri Hamla’, ‘Chander Hashi’, Dola’, ‘Atto Ahongkar’, ‘Coolie’, ‘Shanti Chai’, ‘Tumi Sundor’, ‘Lat Shaheber Meya’, ‘Monafeq’, ‘Ami Tumi Se’, ‘Pagol Tor Jonnore’, ‘Ajob Prem’, ‘Kalo Ratri’ and others. 

On August 2 in 1996, Sani married actress Moushumi. They have a son, Fardin Ehsan Shadin, and a daughter, Faiza.