Sunday, 26 September, 2021

Follow up anti-drug drives till end

Due to recent drives by RAB in elite residential areas of the capital, the public has come to know about the shocking involvement of some females who are part of the local entertainment media world. Along with some relatively unknown women claiming to be models, a prominent actress of Dhallywood has also been detained for questioning in relation to the presence of drugs and foreign liquor in their homes. If these findings are considered to be the tip of the iceberg, then we have much to be alarmed for the future generation of our country.

Such easy access to drugs and liquor is not a good sign for the health of our society. It has opened a Pandora’s Box of the evil that is lurking under the superficial brightness of our modern society. Fact remains, that since drugs and liquor are not produced in our country, these are obviously being illegally brought in by ill motivated people. Obviously, many traders are involved in bringing the deadly drugs to Bangladesh, smuggling them from neighbouring countries.

But it is not an easy task to transport such contraband items across international borders to the capital of a country, without an organised group being involved. Furthermore, some members of the law enforcement agencies have also been caught in recent times to be involved in assisting the drug traffickers. Therefore, we expect the recent findings to be followed up till the behind the scenes kingpins are caught and the evils of drug and addiction is completely uprooted from our country.

We feel encouraged, as a top official of the Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) has informed us that the list of top drug dealers and investors in the drug trade is being updated. As soon as it is finalised, special steps will be taken to deal with them. Due to involvement of many sections of the society in this illicit and deadly business, it has been so difficult to uproot drugs from the country. But we are hopeful that the scenario will be soon changing for the better as the government has declared ‘zero tolerance’ against drugs.