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The rise of branded mugger Mishu

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  • 5 August, 2021 12:00 AM
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The rise of branded mugger Mishu
Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) arrests Mishu Hasan from Vatara area in the capital on Wednesday and recovers drugs from his possession. — SUN PHOTO

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Sharful Hasan alias Mishu Hasan, once a branded mugger, is now the owner of thousands of crores of taka. There are dramatic stories behind his rise.

There are no misdeeds that Mishu did not commit.

He has been accused of doing everything from snatching to drug dealing, blackmailing rich people with the help of good-looking and smart women and importing illegal cars. He has become the owner of thousands of crores of taka by earning in both hands.

Mishu Hasan has amassed huge wealth at home and abroad. Law enforcers found Mishu’s name at the forefront of the syndicate after the recent arrests of models Piasa and Mou.

According to the investigation, Mishu, who was once a mugger, is now carrying out smuggling in a fancy way. He used to smuggle Yaba under the guise of raising foreign cows in a farm called Dairy Sun.

During import from abroad, diamond and gold consignments were brought in the stomachs of cows.

Not only diamond and gold consignments but also Yaba consignments were brought in the stomachs of cows.

For this, cattle consignments were also brought from Teknaf.

Thus, Mishu became rich overnight with the money earned from smuggling. He was finally caught by the elite force, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB).

Controversial model Faria Mahabub Piasa was arrested on Tuesday night after she was named as her partner.

According to sources, one of Mishu’s misdeeds is the illegal car business. He used to import cars of old models from abroad in the name of latest models.

He then modified the cars into a new model by taking those to his own Eurocar workshop.

In this way, by cheating, the low-priced cars are sold to the customers at higher prices.

It was learned that Mishu’s misdeeds are still going on.

Because, one of his partners Ashish Kumar and younger brother Sam look after his car business. If they are arrested and interrogated, more information can be found in this regard. According to the investigation, in 2016, customs detectives found at least 60 illegal vehicles.

Mishu Hasan’s name came up again and again in the intelligence investigation.

According to a source in the Customs Intelligence Department, Mishu started a fancy business by importing duty-free cars and showing less CC cars to more CC cars.

Mishu swindled crores of taka by importing cars through Carnet and evading government duties. He used to change the body of the old model car and sell it as a new one. Through this also cheating with the customer is his regular job.

Searching for Mishu’s past, it was learned that Mishu started DJ business in 2008 with the opportunity of good looks and smartness of the critically acclaimed DJs Jamil-Natasha.

Behind this, he started a rampant business of drugs and blackmailing. The DJ business started by providing women with rich people and started horrible crimes like blackmail. He took crores of taka and opened a glass bar next to Pink City in Gulshan.

An eyewitness who saw Mishu’s women business said on condition of anonymity, “Mishu used to bring a girl every day. Sometimes he came suddenly. Today this girl, tomorrow another girl. I would ask, Mishu bhai, who is it? He used to say girlfriend.”

According to intelligence information, Mishu used to move around with the elite.

He created his syndicate by targeting rich people. When opportunity comes, Mishu does not hesitate to cheat or blackmail them.

An eyewitness of Mishu’s misdeeds said on condition of anonymity, “He used to make friendship with the children of affluent families. If the relationship was a little closer, he would look for a way of blackmailing. As part of this, everyone would gather in front of Movenpick. So, when Mishu Bhai was there, some people would come and at gunpoint they took away their belongings, including mobile phones. Mishu Bhai also used to give his everything. Later, I heard that they are Mishu Bhai’s men, it was done according to Mishu Bhai’s instructions.”

According to RAB, there are 10-12 people in this cycle of Mishu. They carry out various immoral activities in different posh areas of the capital, especially Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, in the name of DJ party. He used to blackmail the participants of these parties and steal huge amount of money. He also used to organise pleasure trips abroad. Organising such parties for wealthy expatriates in Dubai, Europe and America was also their daily routine.

According to the investigation, Mishu was close to the controversial councillor of Dhaka North City Corporation, Tarekuzzaman Rajib (currently dismissed and imprisoned). There are rumours in the area that Mishu played a pivotal role in making Rajib councillor. Rajib’s acquaintance with Mishu is based on the fact that he lives in Mohammadpur. At that time, the duo together formed a teenage gang in Mohammadpur and created a reign of terror. In their teenage time, Mishu and Rajib became involved in extortion, looting and land grabbing. Mishu had direct assistance in various criminal activities.

According to the information, in 2019, RAB arrested councillor Rajib from the house of Mishu located at 404, Road No 8 in Vatara area. At that time, RAB said Rajib was involved in various crimes through Mishu. There were also illegal money transactions between them. Due to this closeness, Mishu gave Rajib shelter in his house in Vatara area. The investigation launched by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) also revealed multiple evidence of Mishu’s closeness with Rajib. Mishu provided most of Rajib’s eight luxury cars.

Rise of Mishu

It was learnt that Mishu, widely known as ‘Chhoto Mishu’ grew up in Mohammadpur area. In his tender age, he formed a teenage gang, which was involved in mugging in that area. Mishu served a jail term after being arrested for mugging.

Locals informed that Mishu went to the USA after getting release from jail. Though he returned home within a year, locals often see him.

Sources say Mishu started visiting posh clubs in Gulshan area after returning from the USA and developed relations with the children of the wealthy people. He started spending time at Fantasy Billiard Centre, Movenpick Ice Cream and Coffee and Wonderland Park.

He started a business of arranging DJ shows along with DJ Jamil and DJ Natasha. He also started the business of Shisha, Yaba and other types of drugs under the cover of DJ shows. 

Apart from these, he was also involved in ‘supplying’ women at different clubs and abroad.

It was learnt that he with the support of DJ Jamil and DJ Natasha set up a Shisha bar just opposite to the Gulshan Pink City.

He with the support of councillor Tarequzzaman also controlled the casino business at Fu-Wang Club. Though the casino business has been stopped after the government ran a crackdown on such business, Mishu did not refrain from his illegal activities.

He started luggage business at airport. As the issue came to light, he got involved in car lifting. 

On Tuesday, the RAB arrested Mishu Hasan along with a firearm and huge Yaba pills from a house at Vatara in the capital.

Some members of RAB-1 and Intelligence Wing of RAB headquarters arrested Mishu, 31, and his associate Masudul Islam alias Jisan, 39.

A firearm, six bullets, 13,300 Yaba tablets, a car, some Shisha-taking materials, two laptops, six mobile phone sets, some bank cheques and fake Indian rupees worth 49,500 and other things were seized from them.

During an interrogation, Mishu confessed that he was involved in blackmailing people and other crimes. 

RAB said Mishu used luxurious cars. He has five luxurious cars and also committed irregularities in importing cars from abroad.

Mishu is wanted in several cases. Earlier, he was arrested three times. He maintained contact with many most wanted criminals.