Saturday, 25 September, 2021

34,400 get agro-incentive in Rajshahi division

34,400 get agro-incentive in Rajshahi division

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RAJSHAHI: A total of 34,400 farmers were given incentives of seed and fertilisers worth around Taka 2.54 crore for transplanted Aman paddy farming in all eight districts in Rajshahi division during the current season.

Of them, 28,600 farmers were given five kilograms (KGs) of seeds, 10-kg Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) and 10-kg Muriate of Potash (MOP) fertiliser valued at about Taka 1.90 crore for high yielding varieties of Aman paddy.

Simultaneously, another 5,800 farmers get two-kg seed, 20-kg of DAP and 10-kg of MOP fertilizer around Taka 63.80 lakh for hybrid varieties of Aman paddy.

Each of the farmers was given the support for the paddy farming on one bigha of land each with the main thrust of boosting paddy yield through enhancing their level of confidence, reports BSS.

According to the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) field level officials, distribution of the incentives has already been completed and the beneficiary farmers have transplanted Aman seedlings on their respective fields after the best use of the government support.

Sub-Assistant Agriculture Officer Atanu Sarker told that the incentive distribution was completed successfully with close supervision of the DAE officials and local administration. “We’ve distributed seeds and fertilisers among the farmers directly instead of any cash money,” he added.

Samedul Islam, 25, of Ishwaripur village, Nur Hossain, 48 of Idolpur village and Sabbir Hossain, 35, of Bijoynagar village under Godagari upazila unanimously expressed their happiness after getting the incentives while talking to BSS here on Monday.

Expressing their gratitude to the government for the incentives they opined that they will put in their level best effort to enhance the Aman yield after the best uses of the support. 

Meanwhile, the farmers in general are seen transplanting seedlings in full-swing everywhere in Rajshahi division including its vast Barind tract with the hope of getting cherished yield.

The farmers are passing their time with seedling transplantation with nursing and caring for the seedbeds and the activities have created job opportunities for many unemployed people.

At present, the farmers are seen transplanting most of the advanced and late varieties and some other local and conventional ones amidst suitable climate conditions with frequent rainfall.

DAE has set a target of producing more than 20.49 lakh metric tons of transplanted Aman rice from 7.74 lakh hectares of land in Rajshahi division this season.

Sirajul Islam, additional director of the DAE, said suitable weather is helping to nurse the farmer’s transplanted Aman seedlings this season and the fixed target is expected to be achieved.

The farmers have prepared seedbeds on 38,775 hectares of land in the division to meet the demands of seedlings, he said.

Dr Fazlul Islam, principal scientific officer of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), said the appropriate timeframe of the paddy seedlings transplantation is up to August 31, while only the late varieties could be transplanted by the end of next month.

“Timely transplantation of Aman paddy seedlings is very important for healthy growth leading to optimum yield in the area,” he continued.

He further said some of the farmers are expecting transplantation of seedlings after harvesting of Aush paddy and Jute. “We have some late varieties for them,” Dr Islam added.

He said BRRI has developed seven modern paddy varieties for the Aman season creating high hope among the farmers in general in the region.

Dr Islam said farmers have been encouraged to cultivating the latest varieties through various interventions including block demonstration, plots projection and supplying of seed free of cost.

He also said the modern varieties have opened up doors in enormous prospects of food security along with mitigating the crises of irrigation water.

In the previous year, farmers harvested around 23.04 lakh tonnes of Transplanted Aman rice from 7.78 lakh hectares of lands in the division, he added.