Wednesday, 22 September, 2021

‘No corona vaccine crisis in country’

‘No corona vaccine crisis in country’

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Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Monday said that the government has now enough Covid vaccine in hand to start a nationwide mass inoculation from next Saturday.

At a briefing at his residence the AL leader said there is no vaccine crisis in the country and urged the people not to heed any propaganda by vested interests, reports UNB.

“There is no crisis of the vaccine at present, but a vested quarter is trying to create panic that there is a vaccine crisis. They are also trying to break the morale of the people during the pandemic,” he said.

Quader said the government’s plan is to continue vaccination with the doses available as more jabs will come.

Saying that “There is no room for doubt about this,” he further explained that the vaccine will continue to come in one direction as well as the vaccination programme will continue.

Quader, road transport and bridges minister, said the nationwide mass immunization programme is starting from August 7 and the government has already made necessary preparations to make the campaign successful through proper coordination.

He urged the concerned people to follow the vaccination protocol and be patient in conducting the drive among the villagers. Quader called upon the administration to make inoculation drive a success at with co-operation of Awami League leaders at district, upazila, municipality, union and ward levels. .

Mentioning that Awami League has been by the side of the people since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Quader said that the leaders and workers of the party will remain with the people as per the instructions of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Quader defended the re-opening of garment factories even amid lockdown saying it was done in the interest of the economy.

In this regard he attacked BNP General Secretary Fakhrul Islam Alamgir for his criticism of the government move. Fakhrul speaks of workers’ interests, while at the same opposes re-opening the factories, he said adding this is self-contradictory.

He said Vietnam has already overtaken Bangladesh in garment exports and this has happened due to Covid-induced production disruptions.

He also said the government is taking decisions in consultation with experts considering the future and welfare of the country.