Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Linking me up with my co-workers a reflection of patriarchy: Badhon

Linking me up with my co-workers a reflection of patriarchy: Badhon

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When it comes to challenging stereotypes, Azmeri Haque Badhon is unabashedly vocal. Recently, in an interview with a local media in Kolkata, the actress said, “It is only women whose names are linked up with directors and co-workers. When a director shares an equally cordial relationship with an actor, there is no gossip. Why can’t there be gossip about a romantic relationship between a male director and an actor?”

In the chat, Badhon was asked about her rumoured relationship with Srijit Mukherji. To answer this, she said, “Every time I work with a director there is some gossip. Obviously these are untrue. Why does it not happen with an actor? Can’t there be a homosexual relationship between an actor and a male director? Such gossip comes from gender stereotypes and patriarchy.”

Talking about Srijit’s affection for Anirban, Badhon joked, “One must see the way Srijit reacts to Anirban’s shots. He kisses the monitor and becomes very excited. Honestly, I also watch Anirban in awe.”

Badhon doesn’t mince words when it comes to criticising patriarchy. Talking about the online trolling that she faces, the actress said, “People who troll me are actually scared of me. They fear that my sense of independence and not abiding by illogical societal norms that is discriminatory for women can get transferred among their households. By this, they fear that they will lose control over the women they command. I learned to ignore them. I pay no importance to such trolls.”