Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Rabindranath Tagore’s 80th Death Anniv

Shwapnil Shojib collaborates with Shofi Mandol for a music video

Shwapnil Shojib collaborates with Shofi Mandol for a music video

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Popular singer Shwapnil Shojib is bringing out a unique music video in collaboration with famous Baul singer Shofi Mandol titled ‘Praner Manush Moner Manush’, marking the 80th death anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore.

The music video will be released on Shwapnil Foundation’s Youtube Channel on August 5.

About the music video, Shwapnil said, “Tagore’s words and music bring a sense of deep emotions. In his long career as a musician, Rabindranath Tagore experimented with different genres of eastern and western music traditions but his experimentation with the traditional baul songs of the Bengal took his talent, both as a lyricist and a composer, to a new height.  Bauls, who have no images, temples, scriptures, or ceremonials, who declare in their songs the divinity  of ‘Man aka Manush’, and express for him an intense feeling of love. Therefore I have tried to make slender bridge between Tagore’s Praner manush with Lalon’s Moner Manush.”

Baul Shofi Mandal said, “It is a unique presentation which is a spiritual romanticism of two bouls of two different times, Rabindranath Tagore and Fakir Lalon Sai. I have an amazing experience with such an incredibly brilliant singer like Shwapnil Shojib. I believe our listener will be able to find their Moner Manush and would be able to look beyond religion, colour, race and every odds.” 

The music video is directed by Yamin Elan. Music re-arranged By Sharif Sumon Ghuddy and Rizvi Rahman Adit (Soundhacker) while Shuvro has edited the video.

 The music video is being produced by Shwapnil Foundation.