Monday, 20 September, 2021

Wasteful overseas training must stop

Wasteful overseas training must stop

Improved railway service is more than a necessity for our country, as it is expected to solve some long-standing problems in communication sector. Given that, the government has taken several initiatives to modernise the backdated railway services that will encourage more people to travel by train and decrease the dependency on private-run transportation. However, some greedy government officials have taken these projects as just an opportunity to enjoy a feast of foreign tours and lavish spending on the public purse.

A report published yesterday in this daily once again unveiled the heinous mindset of some gluttonous government officials. In order to modernise railway and improve its services, the government had approved a project six years ago to procure 200 new metre-gauge and 50 broad-gauge passenger carriages and two automated train washing plants, with the deadline of implementation by 2019. But the project was not implemented in time, rather Bangladesh Railway is now seeking revision to the project, with increased expenditure and time extension.

The corruption of some government officials has reached such a level that they do not hesitate to do anything, no matter how preposterous it is. In the said projects, the officials have gobbled up the money allocated for overseas training and study tours and now seek fresh allocation, whereas inevitability of such fund is being under criticism since some coaches have already been procured.

If someone comes to a conclusion that some people have joined public services to make a quick buck instead of serving the country and the people, there will be no way to defy them after observing the tendency of some government officials. Thousands of incidents have been published in recent years, unearthing the corruption of public servants and showing how public money is being misused.

Citizens contribute to public exchequer hoping for better services from the government, not to make some civil servants rich. The government has been slapping more taxes on this or that services every year. Can the government ensure that taxpayers’ money is well-utilised?