Monday, 27 September, 2021

He is a real man who has love in his heart

  • Mawlana Selim Hossain Azadi
  • 30 July, 2021 12:00 AM
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The Arabic synonym of human being is “Insaan”. It has been derived from the Arabic word Insoon. Insoon means love, amour, affair. He is called Insaan who has insoon or love or amour or affair. That means he is the actual man who nourishes love. When a man puts out the dress of love from his heart and puts up the dress of self-interest, then he is no more a man, rather he deserves to be an animal. Allahu Taala sent Nabi, Rasul, Oli-Awlia, Ghaus-Kutub in the earth  every era  so that mankind could follow the lesson of  love. As soon as men forgot the love of Allah, He sent Nabi/Rasul (SM) as messenger, saying you are the man, my favorite and greatest creature- Insaan, the guard of love. Loveless behaviouris unacceptable. It is regrettable that menhave worn the mask of selfish end. Those ferocious people are the bearer of the Islam, delivered lectures of religion, invite the people for Eqamat-e-salah and saum. (prayer and fasting). We perform holy hajj every year, construct new mosques and establish khankah sharif. Alas, whereas we should build up the life of love and affection, rather we are building up wall of self-interest.

Islam says, you should not be the reason for any one’s suffering. You cannot hurt anybody illegally.  You cannot beat even any dog without any legal reason.  Whereas we are killing the man for nothing, giving hurt for no reason.

This is a tale of a day. One day Prophet SallallahuAlaihiWaSallam was sitting wrapping a peace of cloth and was absorbed in the meditation of Allah. After a long period, the Prophet opened His eyes. He is rolling up His wrapper for standing up. But He saw, a cat is in deep sleep at the corner of His wrapper. Cat always choose soft place for sleeping. It is the nature of the cat, if it get chance, lie down in soft place and then asleep. Huzur SallallahuAlaihiWaSallam cut the corner of His wrapper so that the sleeping cat do not awake up. This is called love, love for creatures, love for the world.

One day, a Sahabi RaziallahuAnhu caught hold a chicken of a bird. He came and stood in front of Prophet SallallahuAlaihiWaSallam with the chicken in his hand. The mother bird came flying and sat upon a branch of a tree at high and started chirping.  Huzur SallallahuAlaihiWaSallam understood the matter and told the Sahaba RaziallahuAnhu “see, what the mother bird is doing. She is crying for her chicken. Sahabi RaziallahuAnhu became thunder, whereas nobody cries for a man-killing incident, no justice is  done and nobody  have the time to hear any body’s weeping, while Huzur SallallahuAlaihiWaSallam is getting hurt for a simple bird. The Sahabi RaziallahuAnhu, understanding the pain of the Prophet, became sympathized to the bird. He go back and put the chicken in the nest from where he caught it.

One day, Prophet SallallahuAlaihiWaSallam saw a Sahabi RaziallahuAnhu was plucking leaves from a tree.. Huzur SallallahuAlaihiWaSallam got hurt and stopped him. The Prophet grabbed his hair to pull those out of the head of that Sahabi and  told, as you get hurt, the tree is getting same hurt and pain for plucking its leaves. Because the tree is alive and it has the life like you.

Dear readers, we are the Ummatof  kind-hearted Prophet Rasul SallallahuAlaihiWaSallam who thought for a little creature like  bird.

Alas, we are crossing such critical time of cruelty that we do not feel for ourselves. We are destroying ourselves by fighting with each other and destroying environmental nature for self interest.

Alas, when we will be able to realize? When we will learn to love all the creatures of Allah. Oh Allah, kindly  enlightened our hearts with true love for all.


The writer is the chairman of the Bangladesh Mufassir Society