Wednesday, 22 September, 2021

Corona pandemic

We fail to take lessons

We fail to take lessons

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The renaissance-like awakening of the Bengalis in the 19th century prompted renowned intellectual and politician Gopal Krishna Gokhale to say, ‘What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow.’ Our forefathers really deserved such an accolade because of their ground-breaking thoughts and ideas in the fields of literature, art and culture as well as science. However, gone are the days when Bengalis could reasonably boast of their intellectual capabilities and contributions to human civilisation. But today we have relegated ourselves to such a sorry state that Gokhale’s approving words have become a matter of disappointment for us because of our foolishness in terms of our attitude to harsh realities of life like the surging corona pandemic.

Scientists, doctors and health workers around the globe are making utmost efforts to save us from the deadly disease. But their endeavours alone are not enough to bring the deliverance human beings are in dire need of now; we are required to act prudently to supplement their efforts to defeat the invisible enemy. We have been provided with up-to-date ideas as to what we need to do during these difficult hours. But we not only failed to abide by the health instructions but also displayed utter disregard for them. The more time passed since the outbreak of the fatal disease one and a half years ago, the more blockheaded we became. The excruciating experience during this long period was supposed to bring us to senses but it is due to our stubbornness and defiance that almost half of the total corona-related deaths in the country took place during the last four months.

The period since the last Eid-ul-Fitr is particularly marked by a strong tendency of the people to defy health instructions issued by the authorities. It is because of this thoughtlessness that people moved in droves to their ancestral homes as if festivals are more precious than life itself. The result is very much present before our eyes. Even then, large numbers of people are entering the city defying the lockdown.

The government is doing everything to make people conscious about their responsibility but it is completely impossible to force millions to remain indoors. Really very bad days are ahead of us. Only heaven can save us.