Monday, 20 September, 2021

Be cautious about social media

Be cautious about social media

Modern technological breakthroughs have been a great boon for human civilisation. Breakthroughs in communication, particularly in the last few decades, have truly made our world a smaller place. In the twinkling of an eye, we not only talk to people across continents but can also see them at any time we want. The virtual world of digital communication has widened the scope for human interaction via the numerous social media platforms functioning on the internet.

At the beginning, the social media breakthrough - the Facebook, the first of its kind, was limited mostly to exchanging texts and images. With technological progress over time audio and video calls were incorporated. It made the experiences on the social media even livelier for family and friends living far and near. It was only a matter of time before the social media fever caught almost everyone in its grasp. It is very natural, considering that it keeps us connected 24/7 with our loved ones everywhere and hardly costs much in terms of money.

To the extent that social media platforms enable people around the world to be almost seamlessly virtually connected with each other is simply unprecedented and positively superb. But just as too much of a good thing can be bad, similarly, the ability to connect with anyone living anywhere in the world, follow their words and activities at any time, has started to take its toll on the real lives of people all over the world. Bangladesh is no different.

Many people, having dubious intentions, started creating fictitious social media accounts, falsifying personal information, photos and even projecting a false lifestyle to dupe the unsuspecting. Also, many users began to allow the seemingly real, but actually virtual, social media interactions to affect their personal lives. Young people often waste hours interacting not only with friends but also strangers on the social media. Accepting strangers as friends on social media can be potentially dangerous, as one cannot know the real identity behind the social media façade.

Some cautions must be maintained to remain safe on social media. Never divulge your current whereabouts during travelling. Never accept friend request of someone unknown. If you have some friends between you two then talk to some of them first before accepting a stranger as friend. Please find some productive activities instead of wasting time on the social media.