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Vaccine roadmap finalised: Quader

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  • 29 July, 2021 12:00 AM
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Vaccine roadmap finalised: Quader

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Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader on Wednesday said that vaccine roadmap has been finalised to ensure sufficient number of doses for people.

“The government has given the optimum priority to inoculation along with abiding by the health guidelines properly. There is no crisis of vaccine in the country. Vaccine roadmap has been finalised to ensure sufficient number of doses for people,” he said.

Quader, also the Awami League general secretary, said this while addressing a press briefing at his official residence on parliament premises in the capital.

Mentioning that Covid-19 infections in Bangladesh is higher than that of neighbouring India, Quader said the government has given the highest priority to protecting the lives of the people from coronavirus. “People’s livelihoods will not yield any benefit if their lives could not be protected,” he said.

Calling upon the country’s all political parties to do politics for people amid the ongoing bleak situation, Quader said, “From your respective positions, cooperate with the government to prevent coronavirus infections apart from creating awareness among the people irrespective of their party and thoughts.” 

“Although many people demand easing lockdown, saving the lives of all must be given priority,” he said.

“That’s why we should remember that the coronavirus situation is getting worse day by day due to negligence of many people. If this trend continues, an unexpected disastrous situation may emerge,” he said.

Quader said Awami League is the country’s largest political party and its root remains deep on the soil of the country.

“Sometime intruders have carried out controversial activities. As soon as these activities are noticed, organizational measures are being taken against them,” he said.

“There are many instances where not only organizational but also legal action has been taken against wrongdoers,” he added.

The minister also called upon country’s well-off section of people to standby the distress people with assistances.