Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

City mayors urge all to wake up

DSCC, DNCC intensify anti-mosquito drives

Amid the increasing number of dengue patients, authorities of Dhaka city corporations have called upon the residents to wake up to control the Aedes mosquito menace.

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) on Wednesday conducted 20 mobile court operations and fined some persons Tk 5.5 lakh for the breeding of Aedes mosquito in their buildings.

During the drives, the mobile courts sued 57 building owners for the breeding of Aedes mosquito.

On Tuesday, the DSCC and the DNCC also conducted mobile courts in different parts of the capital and fined 38 owners of buildings Tk 7.5 lakh on the same charges.

DNCC authorities said they inspected 10,568 establishments and found Aedes larvae in 98 of these buildings on Wednesday.

They also found a congenial environment for dengue-breeding mosquitoes at 9713 establishments.

Commenting on the drive, DNCC Deputy Chief Health Officer Md Golam Mostafa Sarwar said, “Today, I visited households in Banani area and observed that building owners have become aware about dengue. I have checked the basements, rooftops and WASA water metres which become breeding places of Aedes. The overall situation has improved.”

Moreover, the DSCC conducted 10 mobile courts in 10 zones and inspected 329 buildings. The mobile courts sued 24 building owners for hosting Aedes larvae.

Executive Magistrate Merina Naznin who conducted a mobile court in Elephant Road area and Segunbagicha area said, “Despite massive awareness campaign and our regular mosquito control activities, we are finding Aedes larvae in under-construction buildings, garages and rooftops and pots for feeding domestic animals.”  She has urged the city-dwellers to be more aware about the breeding places.

Speaking in two separate programmes, the mayors have urged the city-dwellers to wake up and play their due roles in controlling the Aedes mosquito.

During a visit to Kadamtali area in the capital, DSCC Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh has urged the city-dwellers to clean their neighborhood and rooftops of buildings.

He said, “Please, help with the information of Aedes breeding grounds before being the dengue patients. It has no benefit to collect information from hospitals because by the time Aedes become adult.  It is also not possible for us to search these in every household.”

The mayor, however, said the dengue situation in the city was still under control of the corporation.

Taposh said, “We have kept the dengue situation still under our control. We are assuming the upcoming August month will be a challenging time for us. We are working to control the Aedes mosquito in the city.”

 “If the city dwellers cannot clean the rooftops of buildings, they can call us and we will extend our help to them,” Taposh also said.

Taposh also said that DSCC had no shortage of manpower, equipment and other logistics support as well as sincerity to keep the city free of dengue.

Speaking at a public awareness rally, DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam said that they would reward the councilors and volunteers for playing a proactive to control dengue in their respective areas.

He said, “We will reward councilors of the wards where the number of dengue patients is the lowest. We have 720 volunteers. We will also reward the volunteers who can give more information about the establishments breeding Aedes.”

In the programme, he has announced a new campaign of 10-minute cleanliness time at 10am every Saturday.

He has urged the city-dwellers to take part in the cleanliness campaign.