Monday, 27 September, 2021

Social media upend life

Social media are reportedly dealing a big blow to personal lives of many users for false and misleading information and obscene pictures and illicit relations among friends.

The obscene pictures and false and misleading information on Facebook, Youtube and other social sites put many users’ life in great danger.

Many friends on social media develop extramarital affairs, which often break up conjugal relations.

Many users have alleged that they are facing trouble in conjugal life as their partners develop illicit relations in the name of friendship.

After failing to address such a problem, many couples ask for divorces.

Apart from this, misleading or false information on social sites about any person also makes life hellish as many users make harsh comments without any judgment.

Experts have opined that people have to limit the use of social media for communications only to reduce their negative impacts on personal life.

Talking to the Daily Sun, academicians and researchers echoed for verifying contents before sharing these on social media to prevent the misinformation which badly affects the intrapersonal relationship.

Psychologist Prof Kazi Saifuddin said people have to keep the thoughts and contents of personal life out of social media to avoid negative impacts of social platforms which expanded into every spare of life.

“Social media open up secretes in personal life. If we consider, the times 10 years ago, we can’t move back. Facebook and other new media have brought almost all facilities to increase impacts on daily life,” Prof Saifuddin of Jagannath University told the Daily Sun.

However, Prof Saifuddin argued on social media impact behind mistrust in personal relationship. There is little chance to convert it through digital conversation.

“We’re still talking from emotion. The breakup of relationship happens not only for mistrust but also for economic status. In marital breakup, someone tries to find out their better partners in life,” he said.

The trend in the theft of personal information through social media has almost doubled in the last one year amid the growing trend towards digital platforms amid the corona pandemic, according to the Cyber Crime Awareness (CCA) Foundation.

In the latest study, the research group has found that the trend in stealing personal information on social media increased to 28.31 percent by the end of 2020 which was 15.35 percent in 2018.

CCA Foundation Chairman Kazi Mustafiz has said that family members have to guide younger ones to personal safety on the virtual space. “The social media participation has increased significantly in personal life in last couple of years. In this digital age, many parents are not aware about the virtual surfing of younger members of the family. It’s a major problem that many people give a device to their sons or daughters without any reason which becomes a driver of their personal life,” Mustafiz told the Daily Sun.

Another researcher, Arif Nezami, said the internet and social media made the world flat as people of all ages and social structures are interacting with each other without any boundary that exists in the real world.

“This made the whole scenario of social interaction further complex. The physiological tricks used by social media companies are also to blame to some extent. Lack of digital literacy is massively creating issues like sexual harassment, bullying, hate speech, financial frauds etc. More and more awareness and literacy initiatives should be taken,” Arif, chief executive officer at Preneur Lab, told the Daily Sun.

Over 50 million social media accounts are operated from Bangladesh, including 45 million on Facebook, according to German research agency Statista.