Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

Dengue surge alarming

Dengue surge alarming

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has devastated the entire country. In this unprecedented health crisis, people are busy in combating the virus. But, in recent times, a surge of dengue, a mosquito-borne viral infection, has been going on in the capital. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the increasing incidence of dengue poses another threat to the people creating an alarm all over. According to the DGHS sources, 272 dengue patients were hospitalised in the month of June that rose sharply to 1,573 by July 27. The worsening situation of the tropical disease has posed a number of challenges to combat the two diseases simultaneously.

It has been speculated that the co-infection cases would increase in the coming days as dengue season goes in its peak. If this goes on without immediate intervention, experts have expressed concern that we might have to see a dengue crisis like that of 2019, when 101,354 cases and 179 deaths were reported.

An urgent action is a must to control Aedes mosquito population and larvae, the carrier of the dengue virus. Now is the time to act as the situation might go out of control due to slight indifference on the part of the authorities concerned. It is needless to mention that the prevalence of both the viruses will cause more fatalities. So, preventive measures should be taken at all levels to curb the dengue surge. The city corporation authorities will have to play a vital role in this regard by spraying larvicide in and around the city neighbourhoods. Regular awareness campaigns should be conducted among the city residents to curb the spread of the dengue virus. Water stored for household use should be changed at least once a week as Aedes mosquitoes can breed in clean water also. The city corporation cleaners should always keep the roads and drains clean. At the same time, accumulated hyacinths should be removed from the city ponds in close intervals so that they cannot turn into breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

Above all, the government should modernise the country’s Mosquito Control Department as part of a vector management policy. Research should be conducted throughout the year to keep the Aedes mosquito population under control.