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A Bangladeshi talent leads high-tech multinational

A Bangladeshi talent leads high-tech multinational

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Mr. Minaoar Hossain Tanzil, a Computer Science graduate from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), also a Finance graduate from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka has been leading Kona Software Lab Ltd. for years.

Mr. Tanzil’s vast knowledge and experience on Switching, Security, EMV, ISO 8583, HCE, NFC, TSP/Tokenization, Cloud based Payment Platform, Smart Card, Global Platform, PKI, CA, Applied Cryptography, DFS, MFS, Digital Payment and Ecommerce has played a vital role in building different products and solutions of KONA.

These products and solutions are being used in different markets in home and abroad. He started his career as a software developer and became Managing Director of a high-tech Multinational company just within 11 years of his professional career journey by his technical acumen and leadership skill.

In contrast to several other homegrown CEOs of MNCs in Bangladesh, he has led from the front not only in developing local businesses in Bangladesh, but also in enhancing KONA’s global business.

Mr. Tanzil had filed a patent on ‘’Server for Managing Card Transaction Service, Card Transaction Service Management Method, and Card Transaction Service Management System’’. Using this patent, any physical card can be securely stored in mobile device.

As such, this technology allows same account to be used as both physical card and host based emulated card in mobile application. It utilizes card verification and card holder authentication at the same time which complies with the security standard of global payment networks.

KONA has been issuing millions of physical and companion digital cards through this technology since its inception as a digital bank in 2016. Any digital bank can issue such digital cards instantly lowering the cost to a minimum level.

Having a worldwide business in Digital Identification, KONA is currently expanding its global business in Payment Platform, Local Community Platform, Block Chain Platform, Data Platform and IOT Platform.

Mr. Tanzil is leading the R&D labs of Payment Platform, Block Chain Platform and Data Platform from Bangladesh office. Being an internationally certified scrum master and a scrum product owner, he leads the research-to-product development-to commercialization to achieve KONA’s business goals.

KONA has put its footmarks as a solution provider in the Bangladesh market in 2017, when it developed the digitization platform NexusPay for Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd., the first of its kind in the local market. HCE technology was used to digitize the system, so that customers can use their mobile phones for money transfer, shopping, bill payment etc.

The technology ensured convenience for the users while providing security at the same time. KONA is the end-to-end solution provider of Nagad of Bangladesh Post Office.

Nagad has done exceedingly well over the past 2 years and are now in the second position in the Digital Financial Service (DFS) market as far as market share is concerned.

KONA is providing state-of-the-art technologies to keep Nagad ahead of the race in this competitive market. KONA is also working as a solution provider for Mercantile Bank Limited., who has very recently introduced their Digital Banking Platform “MBL Rainbow” for their customers.

Mercantile Bank Limited is already using KONA’s e-KYC system for online customer registration and also looking forward to introduce their new Internet Banking system provided by KONA.

Being instrumental in designing scalable, secured, modular and cost-effective software-based products and solutions to solve different business and social problems of customers, Mr. Tanzil has been serving millions of customers worldwide. At present, more than hundred subject matter experts are working relentlessly in Dhaka office of KONA to build these state-of-the-art products and solutions under his direct leadership.

KONA is not only providing different software solutions, but also serving as a custodian of 24/7 smooth operation of its customer base.

He is also serving the society as a member of ‘Digital Security’ and ‘FinTech & Digital Payment’ Standing Committees of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS). He has been actively utilizing his business leadership skills in BASIS to enhance overall software and information technology business of Bangladeshi companies which in turn helps our country to achieve sustainable development goals.

He is also co-founder of Geeky Solutions which has been formed to serve the organizations by academia curriculum development, tech valuation, industry process automation, security audit, business consultancy,research and development.

Mr. Tanzil believes that KONA is one of a kind, being the only multinational smart card and platform company having direct R&D presence in Bangladesh and working with the state-of-the-art technologies in the industry. He looks forward to serve more customer base by newly introduced digital products and solutions around the globe.