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Unilever Bangladesh adopts employee-friendly policies

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  • 26 July, 2021 12:00 AM
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Unilever Bangladesh adopts employee-friendly policies

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Unilever Bangladesh Limited (UBL) has introduced two more progressive policies as part of its effort to build equitable workplaces for its employees.

The policies are: Caregiver Service at Home and Interchangeable Public Holidays – are aligned with Unilever’s philosophy of building a diverse and inclusive workplace that respects the dignity and worth of every employee so that they can proudly bring their full self to work, said a press release.

Earlier this year, Unilever had introduced two progressive and gender-neutral policies namely ‘Prevention on Sexual Harassment (POSH)’ and ‘Support Survivors of Abuse’ to uphold an inclusive ecosystem and protect employees from any form of harassment or bullying, whether individual or collective.

Unilever being a people-centric and caring employer acknowledges that this pandemic is a humanitarian crisis the created an asymmetrical reality. It is time to prioritise the health and wellbeing of employees- not just physical, but also mental and emotional.

Unilever’s Caregiver Service policy enables the employees to avail a helping hand on-demand at a discounted cost to take care of their children, elders and ailing family members.

The objective of this policy is to support its employees in times of urgency so that they can thrive both at work and at home.

Under the policy, Unilever employees can be benefited from Covid-19 patient care at home or hospital, nursing homecare services, physiotherapy, maternal care and nanny services.

The policy—Interchangeable Public Holidays allows employees to celebrate their special days by choosing to exchange or merge holidays with Unilever’s annual holiday list. This comes with the recognition that cultural or religious holidays are equally important, but individually driven.

This policy elaborates, there are many other important days or occasions that are celebrated by employees based on their cultural, ethnic and religious beliefs such as Laxmi Puja, Maghi Purnina, Easter Sunday etc which are not included in the annual holiday list of the company nor are mandated by the Government.

Speaking on the new policies, the Chief Executive Officer of Unilever Bangladesh, Zaved Akhtar said, "We warmly welcome these newly introduced special policies as they testify Unilever’s commitment to equity at every stage of our employees' career. Our endeavor is to build an equitable workplace for all our employees and achieve equity, diversity and inclusion in everything we do.”

Under the company's ‘Code of Business Principles’, the principle of ‘Respect, Dignity, and Fair Treatment’ is ingrained, and Unilever is committed to providing an environment that encourages respect for human rights and equal opportunity, said Handa.

Unilever Bangladesh has incorporated these inclusive and progressive policies as an extra step to improve employee wellbeing and equality at work in order to be future-ready, she added.