Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Jamuna erosion takes serious turn in Tangail

Jamuna erosion takes serious turn in Tangail

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TANGAIL: The Jamuna river erosion has taken a serious turn in the district, devouring over 100 homesteads, mosques, haats, bazaars, handloom factories, saw mills, arable lands and roads.

The geo-bags containing sand dropped by Water Development Board (WDB) for river-bank protection has not yielded any result. As a result, people living on the bank of Jamuna rivar have been passing their days amid panic.

River bank erosion has begun at Tangail Sadar, Kalihati, Nagarpur and Bhuapur upazilas which are situated along the Jamuna river. Intensity of erosion has recently increased due to rise in water-level in the river.

Inhabitants of Char Pouli, Makorkol, Keshab Maijhail, Titulia, Nayapara, Kukuria, Babobaria, Deogacha, Rashidpur, Ichapasha, Khoshalia, Chanpasha, Nandapasha and Moshpur under Sadar upazila; Alipur, Bhairab Bari under Kalihati upazila; Bhalokutia under Bhuapur upazila; and Paiksha Maijhail, Khasghuni Para, Khastebaria and Char Salimabad under Nagorpur upazila have been witnessing high intensity of erosion.

More than 150 homesteads at village Charpouli under Kakua union in Sadar upazila have been devoured by the river in just one week. Besides, mosques, hatkhola, handloom factories, and saw mills went down under the river. The WDB dropped geo-bags in 300 square meter areas as an emergency measure. But those bags also swept away by the current of Jamuna river.

Mizanur Rahman, a handloom workers at village Charpouli, said, “My two rooms including the homestead have been devoured by the Jamuna river in just one day. Some 20, out of 24 decimal land of mine have been devoured by the river. Now, I don’t have any place to live in with my family. I have been facing great sufferings with my family.”

Al Amin Mollah, a union parishad member of the Ward No. 1 of Charpouli said, “More than 100 homesteads have been devoured by the river in just one week’s of erosion. Hundreds of homesteads are being devoured by the river every year. The WDB has been dropping geo-bags in some places. Instead of dropping geo-bags, permanent measures should be taken during the dry season. Otherwise, there will be no existence of this union parishad gradually.”