52.7pc DU students want online final exam

DU Correspondent

20 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

A recent survey revealed that 52.7pc students of Dhaka University (DU) are interested to take part in final exam online.

On the other hand, 45pc of the students said that they are not interested in online final exam.

The Social Science Research Team of Dhaka University Research Society (DURS) conducted the survey online where 3,730 students expressed their opinion. The study was conducted from June 1 to June 15.

Of the students, 87.4pc preferred taking part in the exam through assignments. 21.1pc opined for Open Book Exam, 19.6pc for MCQ, 19.4pc Short Quiz, 5.4pc for Full Question while only 4.2pc students were interested exam through Live Video.

Meanwhile, those who aren’t interested to take part in the final exam online mentioned various problems such as unstable network connection in rural households (56.4pc) power supply failures (36.1pc), unsupportive environment for preparation (45.7pc), lack of necessary devices (22.2pc), inability to afford device or mobile data (16.6pc), doubts about test assessment methods (56.4pc), lack of online test experience (40.6pc) and unpreparedness for the exam (26.3pc).

In addition, of the students who are reluctant to take part in the final examination online, 52.3pc of them are interested in sitting for the exam in person and 16.1pc are in favor of auto-promotion.

The survey also revealed that the syllabus of 53.7pc of participants was yet incomplete although online classes were being conducted.

Only 2.7pc of the students were satisfied with the online classes whereas 46.7pc of them were highly dissatisfied.

Besides, when the students were asked if their syllabus was completed through online classes, 46.3pc of them replied "Yes" whereas 53.7pc of students stated "No".

The study was conducted by the “Social Science Team” of Dhaka University Research Society (DURS) under the supervision of Prof Dr Muhammad Manjurul Karim of Microbiology Department and Communication Disorders Department Chairperson Tawhida Jahan. The leading members of this study are: Muhammad Tanbirul Islam, Sumaiya Imtiaz, Md Atikuzzaman, Jawad Shams, Ragib Anjum, Sumaiya Ahmed, and Md  Omar Farukh. The contributors are: Nasrin Jabin, Saifullah Sadeq, Istiak Uddin and Shahreen Farah Khan.