Saturday, 18 September, 2021

Time zones can affect Junaina’s performance in Olympics

Bangladesh expatriate Olympian Junaina Ahmed believes that the new time zones in Tokyo Olympics would profoundly affect her mental health, especially in mental state and performance.

Junaina hopes that she will try her best in the Olympics.

“My preparation is going well so far. I just worried about timing. We have only 5 days before the event as it is not enough to be fit mentally and physically. Besides, the 8 hours different time zones, it takes a week to be normal with the new environment, but still, I have to do my best in the event,” the 18-year-old swimmer told The Daily Sun from England on Sunday.

The long-distance flights and the changes in time zones profoundly affect the athletes. The athletes may face different physical and mental issues such as general feelings of tiredness, discomfort fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, digestive problems, decreased concentration, decreased balance and coordination, decreased endurance capacity, and stamina.

Junaina will fly to Tokyo on July 25, who is going to participate in the Olympics for the first time on a wild-card. The young expatriate swimmer will compete in the 50m freestyle qualifying round on July 30 at Tokyo Aquatic Centre.

Junaina further said that she would be happy if she did her best in her respective events and came first in her hit.

“I am very excited to go to one of the best games on the earth. I want to give my best and earn a good result. It will make me happier,” she added.

Junaina achieved the wild-card due to her participation and performance in the previous international event FINA World Championship held in South Korea in 2019. Her age, gender and performances in different international and national competitions were also taken into consideration for selecting for the card.

Junaina participated in four events -- women’s 50m freestyle, 50m butterfly, 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly -- in world championship 2019, but hadn’t qualified for the elimination round in any of them.

She also represented Bangladesh in South Asian Games held in Nepal in 2019, but there was no achievement of her. 

The young swimmer also took part in the Bangabandhu Bangladesh Games 2021 held in April.  She earned a gold medal in the women’s 200m freestyle and a silver medal in the 50m freestyle.